Fortunately, some military bases in the sparsely populated areas of central China are still left because of their relatively strong construction.

And some people in the areas frequented by hurricanes in central China are lucky to hide in the basement.
But that’s all.
The rest of the world is gradually echoing.
But Neng Manor remained silent without any news.
"The third search team continues to advance to the D4 area." The search team members sorted out an emotion and moved on.
This used to be the most expensive area in Nut State.
Living here is the richest group in Nut State, and there are several best schools.
But at this time, it has already been alive and dead.
Violent waves can tear people apart.
After searching for so long, don’t say that a living person can’t even find a complete corpse.
A middle-aged soldier stopped in a private primary school campus.
"This used to be the place where I never dreamed of sending my son …"
But now there are potholes and ruins left here, and the lawn has not been completely removed to prove that it was really in a primary school.
Suddenly there was a splash in a puddle.
Search soldiers suddenly turned and pointed to the past.
"Who is it? Come out! "
No one answered.
A small head emerged from the puddle.
Then a turtle swam lazily from the water with a small fish in its mouth.
"This thing is so vital that it’s all right …"
Several soldiers put away their guns. Just then, a light suddenly flashed on the turtle’s back.
A soldier hurriedly rushed over and held out his hand.
The tortoise looked up and looked at him with eyes as big as mung beans. He didn’t escape and picked him up.
"Major, this is a magic turtle! Magic turtle! "
In other parts of the world, magic turtles are almost everywhere.
However, in nut state, almost all military and government departments are not allowed to access the magic turtle because the commander of nut state does not believe in the energy manor
Therefore, the number of magic turtles in Nut State is extremely rare.
After the catastrophe, the search team found the lucky turtle for the first time here.
And everyone knows what magic turtle means.
Finding the magic turtle means finding Neng Manor!
There is hope!
The soldier held the magic turtle and shouted at its back. "Hello? Can anyone see it? "
"Who is over there?"
The magic turtle’s back has been extinguished, and the light and shadow have lit up again.
A sound came out, "Who? Who are you? "
"We are the third search party on the east coast of Nut State. Who are you?" The soldiers were happy and disappointed when they heard that they were familiar with the language.
I’m glad I finally got in touch with someone else.
But disappointed … Sounds like a pure nut state?
"I’m Tyrone, a former Nut State soldier."
"The name … Titan? ! You are a Titan! You are still alive! "
Titan is also a very famous ID in Nut State.
After all, "Age of Hegemony" is also very popular among soldiers in Nut State.
Later, Sergeant Tyrone finally went to Hongdao Port and made a sensation in Nut State. After all, it is rare for Nut State to "let go" of active servicemen.
But why is Titan still alive now?
After all, the last picture recorded by the Nut State residual aircraft was that the manor was directly blown up.