Zhuang not far smiled.

"Don’t know me? You have to call me second aunt … "
Not far from the "Second Aunt" Zhuang, please ask people to continue to see it.
"Xiaoyuan, have you graduated? Where do you work?"
"virtual city"
"Virtual city is a good place. What unit?"
"A private enterprise"
"Hey, how much is the salary?"
"not much"
"That has to be counted. Ten thousand must have it."
"Something like that."
"Is it almost more or less?"
Enough talk, aunt. Can we not ask so many questions?
Not far from Zhuang, I’m too lazy to say more.
"My son Xiaojun, do you remember? You are about the same age. "
"Don’t remember"
"Now I’m in Yancheng for more than 20 thousand a month."
"Not bad, not bad"
"You have to work hard. You can’t live with seven thousand dollars in a place like Virtual City …"
"For the small army small army come here! You are two years older than your junior and give Xiaoyuan an experience. "
Zhuang is not far away from this Xiaojun.
"Oh still hiding anything? Our small army is particularly valued by the level. Maybe the horse will be promoted … And … "
After a moment, my aunt asked again
"By the way, have you found someone?"
"no? Gee, you’re so old now. Why don’t you find someone? By the way, my family is one year younger than you. "
"Small super small more than! You see this is my grandson. It’s almost elementary school. "
"Oh, why don’t I introduce you to a little Chao? Don’t you have a colleague and sister in the virtual city? They are all at home. Just go to meet each other one day and take care of each other if it’s appropriate …"
Zhuang wants to die not far away.
After more than twenty minutes, the second aunt finally left.
Not far from Zhuang just breathed a sigh of relief and another aunt leaned in. "Hey, isn’t this a small distance?" You don’t know me? I am your cousin! "