Such a serious rupture has not been seen in the periphery of the (ancient) Yi manor.

And so severely fractured that even Zhuang is not far away, I dare not let Yunxing Palace venture into it.
No wonder (Gu Gu) said that the defense here is very strong, and the roots of Yunxing Palace can’t be used to be invaded by war dogs.
At this time, hundreds of war dogs behind Zhuang are ready to go.
Most of these war dogs are controlled and driven by players. They are extremely explosive, but their battery life is very weak, a little over half an hour, and once the output power continues to rise, they will have a high probability of explosion.
Behind these war dogs, the soldiers of the manor drive the normal war dog team.
There are dozens of this team, which has been the strength of the manor after World War II.
So this time, the attack was heavily on the player’s shoulder.
Not far from Zhuang, the attack (Gu Gu) will suddenly come to "the master of Zhuang Shi, after all, used to be my companion. I’ll try to see if I can talk about him first."
"eh?" Not far from Zhuang, it’s not like talking.
Shouldn’t this guy shout "kill them all" and be the first to rush in?
Somehow, he feels that his personality seems to have changed a lot since he had a pure man and a pure woman with Qin.
It’s not as explosive as before, and it’s not so extreme
But not far from Zhuang frown wanted to think and nodded his head.
Although these giant dogs that drive war are all produced and sold in the manor, it is not easy to produce one after all, and it is a little bit economical.
"Don’t wear this camera in the past." Not far away, Zhuang threw a camera device similar to a collar scene to (Gegu), took it and put it on his neck, then jumped out and jumped to his cruel number to fly forward.
"Why not? What is this situation? "
Not far behind Zhuang, more than 1,000 testers in the giant dog of war are waiting for it.
Zhuang put the first expedition on Saturday afternoon not far away, and most people can rest at this time.
And how can you miss this opportunity if you can get the qualification test of "Hegemony of the Times", half of which are professional players and half of which are senior civilian experts?
Almost half of the players in this expedition have been broadcast live. Although there are more than 1,000 test players, there are hundreds of thousands of fewer players in the major live broadcast platforms.
At this time, Xiao Wei is also engaged in live broadcast
Xiao Wei, a young man, has a very rich daily life.
In addition to being a consultant with the landlord gay friends, Xiao Wei often plays games with Miao Wan.
Every time I play a game with you, he will start the live broadcast, and his ID is "cut you to death" and "Monkey God", and his regular teammates are quite well-known. Although he is better than amateur players, he has a faster reaction speed than ordinary people through various food enhancement and daily training in the manor. Many experts who abuse the people are still very simple.
This time, it is even more advantageous to have a double agent in the "test player" manor, and he has been very active recently.
In fact, the live broadcast of "Hegemony of the Times" was also his first test. Players were still unwilling to publicize the game, but after seeing Xiao Wei live broadcast, they were not punished and deprived of the qualification for testing. Only then did they feel at ease and boldly engage in live broadcast.
The war dog must be controlled by five people. Xiao Wei didn’t find many teammates in the manor. During this time, he made some good friends and formed a wild team together.
The strength of their team can be said to be the strength among the players in "Hegemony of the Times", but it is not brilliant. Xiao Wei is one of the strongest. At this time, the master controller of the war giant dog controls the action of the war giant dog
In the queue, four teammates around Xiao Wei are looking around.
"It turns out that we have so many war dogs that it is shocking no matter where we look!"
Of course, it’s shocking that hundreds of giant dogs are lining up side by side.
Xiao Wei is introducing several teammates around him to his audience. One teammate suddenly cried, "What’s the matter?"
Suddenly cut into a picture in front of them.
(Migu) Look ahead on the cruel ship.
"What did that big monkey do?" The left-wing gunner asked, "Why not?"
"I guess it’s a plot animation," said the right-wing gunner. "We can’t come to this RPG game, so we have to play some plot."
The picture streamed from the (ancient) scene camera and was re-rendered by the camera. Everyone saw that they were behind (ancient) and passed through a lot of fragmentation.
In the game "Hegemony of the Times", the player plays the role of a very powerful hero and can often participate in many historical events-of course, this is the setting.
They can see every move, but they can’t hear them.
Otherwise, he must have jumped back and hammered these guys who called him big monkey directly.
After all, when I play games with you, the ID is called "I’m not a monkey!"
The cruel ship suddenly became clear before passing through a heavy crack.
"Wow!" Almost everyone can’t help calling a.