The old man slowly picked up a cigarette rod and took a sip of his cigarette and said slowly, "Dude, you’re not right. How can you say I’m meddling when something happens in our store?" Things can pay for people’s lives, but they can’t pay for killing people. Didn’t it happen to me when you left? "

The pace of talking gradually approached and suddenly it was inserted into the fighting circle!
Qi Jianye is an expert in Jianghu. I think this old man must be very unusual. I just want to ask him if he has not exported the other party.
At this time, Yang Muzheng chopped Lv Simei with a palm, and Lv Simei was a deputy mind to help Song Tengxiao resist the dragon offensive in the four seas. Seeing Yang Muzheng’s palm, she could break her pipa, and the old man steeply inserted it into it, pushing Lv Simei out three zhangs away! He is a skillful person. Lv Simei seems to be pulling for him. His figure is stable after a turn.
Yang Mu can’t resist the situation, and he is also angry. "This is your own death!" The palm of your hand hit the old man with a "Peng"
Qi Jianye was shocked and shouted, "Yang Mu, stop!" Yang Mu’s words are still unfinished, but the "Peng" is that he touches the hard sound.
Qi Jianye was shocked and didn’t know if Yang Mu was injured. He thought about it and grabbed the old man’s cigarette rod. The old man laughed. "Do you like smoking, Mr. Qi?"
Qi Jianye’s ability to grasp the stone will also crack him. He is full of this cigarette rod. Unexpectedly, he feels that his tentacles are like a hot force, shaking his palm and fingers, and loosening the cigarette rod is not a firm grasp. Try this trick. Qi Jianye will know that the other party’s ability is not him.
Qi Jianye suddenly remembered a man and quickly asked, "Is it Mr. Chen Detai and Mr. Chen Lao who came to the cigarette pole monument?"
It turns out that Chen Detai’s cigarette rod is a treasure, but it looks like lacquer wood, but it is bronze mixed with black iron. Cast black iron is a rare metal, which is more than ten times heavier than any iron. Once Chen Detai and some friends had a good time drinking and drinking, and this cigarette rod auditioned for martial arts, and it broke a stone tablet, which was nicknamed "the cigarette rod monument". Qi Jianye just quarreled constantly, but this cigarette rod was shocked to death because it was black iron.
Chen Detai made a ha ha and said, "It’s a shame to hear Chen Mou’s name. I’ve heard a lot about Mr. Qi’s name. I’m sorry to miss this visit to the store. I wonder if Mr. Qi and these two guests can see the little old man’s face and everyone laughs?"
Qi Jianye said, "You speak so easily?" Eyebrows frowned and said, "It’s a long story. It’s a long story. Qi Mou, the hero of the age, should stop, but he finally met these two people. If you don’t take this opportunity, I’m afraid there won’t be such an opportunity. Please forgive me!"
Chen Detai said lightly, "Mr. Qi refused to give me a face, so I can’t help it."
Qi Jianye said, "It’s not that I refuse to give you a face …" Chen Detai waved his hand and said, "Don’t say more!" Without listening to his explanation, he turned to Song Tengxiao and said, "Excuse me, is Song Shilun a member of the cabinet?" Song Tengxiao said, "It is my late father."
Chen Detai laughed. "No wonder your chasing after the wind and swordsmanship made it home. It turned out to be Song Shilun. So you must be Xiao Jinchuan and Meng Yuanchao." Song Tengxiao said, "Yes, Mr. Chen is an old friend of my father’s?"
When Qi Jianye saw that they were close to each other, he knew that it was not good in his heart. Sure enough, he heard Chen Detai say, "I haven’t seen your father since I made friends twenty years ago, but it’s a pity that he has passed away. Today, if you touch this matter, let me finish it for you. Cut the gossip and go!"
Qi Jianye is a famous figure for a long time. How can he throw his face and shout "Don’t go!"
Chen Detai sneered, "I can’t lift a word in everything and leave personal friendship behind. Don’t say that I am the owner of this hotel. You two are both guests. I will take care of the trouble in the shop. I told them to leave. The old man refused to be willing to ask me for someone!"
Although Qi Jianye is old and angry, he flew into a rage when he heard this and said, "Well, then I can learn from you, but these two people can’t leave now!"
Chen Detai said with a horizontal cigarette rod, "I want you to have a collar to catch them!" But you can get through me first! "
Song Tengxiao is also a proud man. He sneered and said, "What’s the harm of a friend doing everything in his power? Mr. Qi, don’t you worry that Song is not afraid of three knives and six holes since he dares to be a friend? I won’t go if you ask me to go. Uncle Chen’s little nephew is much loved by you, but let me end it myself. My uncle’s kind little nephew appreciates it. "
Chen Detai said, "No, I have to take care of it if it happens in my shop!"
As soon as the situation changed, it suddenly became a dispute between Song Tengxiao and Chen Detai. It was quite unexpected for Qi Jianye to compete with the Dragon of the Four Seas.
I tried that trick just now. Qi Jianye knows that Chen Detai’s martial arts are no less than what he thinks in his heart. If Chen Detai fights alone, maybe he can win in a few minutes. Adding a Song Tengxiao himself is a losing battle.
Of course, Chen Detai’s identity must not be teamed up with Song Tengxiao to beat him, but if he attacks Song Tengxiao himself, Chen Detai has a word, that is, he has to join forces with Song Tengxiao.
Although Qi Jianye is angry, he has to hesitate a little.
Miao Changfeng walked out of the hotel and said, "Can the two old gentlemen listen to Xiao Ke?"
The bartender followed him and said, "When they were fighting in the old club just now, this guest officer was drinking and almost broke their heads. This guest officer also witnessed the incident."
Chen Detai was taken aback and thought to himself, "This man is obviously an expert in martial arts. I wonder who he is here to help?" Although the bartender seems to be on his own side, he can’t help but be a little wary and say, "Does the guest officer have any advice?"
Miao Changfeng said, "It’s better to make friends than to make friends."
Chen Detai said, "I don’t know if Mr. Qi is willing to say this if I want to keep things quiet. You should tell Mr. Qi."