This change surprised the true gentleman of Nanhai. He could have entangled the old man Tianfeng himself and left, but it turned out to be a big accident, which suddenly raised an ominous feeling in his heart.

Trying to avoid the South China Sea Zhenjun asked, "I haven’t seen you for a few days. What’s going on?"
Day wind old man laugh very evil spirit gloomy way "how to regret? I knew you would come again after your sneak attack. Today is specially prepared for you. "
"Don’t be proud to try to calculate me, you haven’t done that yet," the true gentleman of Nanhai shouted in shock and anger.
The old man in Tianfeng smiled grimly and held his arms high all over his body. The sudden surge of momentum in the blink of an eye triggered a strong momentum in Long Mai, Tian Quan, which solidified the body of the South China Sea Zhenjun in one fell swoop.
"Look up and see that your wife is getting desperate step by step."
Cold words echoed with intimidation on the ninth floor of Yinfeng Building.
The true gentleman of Nanhai was livid, and it was hard to accept the sudden strength of the old man in Tianfeng. There was not a vicissitudes of life in his heart.
Juxiu Nanhai Zhenjun fought back and tried to shatter the old man’s air lock and turned his head to look.
This look at the South China Sea Zhenjun was greatly shocked.
Seeing that the palm of Hongxia’s left hand clings to the palm of Sheng Long Ding’s body, the palm of his right hand emits a crimson flame, trying to shake off the approaching blood jade peony.
At the same time, Hongxia’s face was full of panic expressions, and her eyes were full of inexplicable sadness, which seemed to have predicted some endings.
Looking back, Nanhai Zhenjun angered, "So?"
The old man in Tianfeng laughed wickedly. "Because the blood jade peony absorbed the aura of Tian Quan and Long Mai, it has changed into a powerful demon. The blood jade peony is greedy. It is bent on turning into an adult, but because it is too short, it only completes this wish by its own repair method, and it is ready to devour your wife Yuan Shen and occupy this body."
Roaring at the South China Sea, Zhenjun said, "You are so mean. I won’t let you succeed."
It’s time that the South China Sea Zhenjun took off in flames and forced all Zhenyuan to fight back.
Chapter five hundred and forty-six Heart encounter
Sensing his mind, the old man said coldly, "If you can’t come, you’d better say goodbye to the world."
As soon as the body turns, it flies.
Tianfeng, the old man, launched the final attack at this moment, and the whole person instantly turned into a wind column, which was crazy to absorb the true elements of the nearby fire and enhance its power.
At the same time, the purple-blue light from the palm of the old man’s right hand in Tianfeng gives people a sense of panic and anxiety.
Facing life and death, Nanhai Zhenjun was angry and anxious.
This time, he miscalculated and forced his way into Tianfengbao, and he was so regretful that nothing could come.
Considering the difference of the strength of the old man in Tianfeng, the South China Sea Zhenjun made a cruel choice at last.
At that moment, the true gentleman of Nanhai exerted the most terrible fierce Yang boxing, and planned that the old man in Tianfeng would fight for mutual destruction.
This boxing was once performed in front of Yunyang, but it was extremely powerful, but it was defeated by Yunyang.
Now, the true gentleman of Nanhai has used this boxing method, and his training strength has soared five times. The power of Li Lie Yang boxing is by no means comparable to that of the red tiger that day
"die, old man."
With fists waving wildly and masculine, the situation broke out several times, which instantly destroyed the air lock of the old man and formed a continuous destructive force.
At the same time, the old man’s rotating body has reached a limit, and his control is suddenly compressed into a highly concentrated ball of light to fly away against the South China Sea Zhenjun Lieyang Boxing.
After completing this step, the old man waved his palm in front of his right hand, and the purple-blue light was bright and dazzling, and the blink of an eye suppressed all the light around him and broke out into a rock-breaking force.
It’s time for the two masters to meet each other half-time.
The South China Sea Zhenjun Lieyang fist is strong and overbearing. When the old man sends out that compressed light ball, it instantly detonates each other, flooding each other with that true element and forming a serial explosion.
Then the South China Sea Zhenjun became stronger and stronger, and his fist strength passed through the explosion area and directly injured the old man in Tianfeng on the spot.
At the same time, the purple-blue light from the palm of the old man’s hand pierced the South China Sea Zhenjun’s body in one fell swoop.
At that moment, the true gentleman of Nanhai suddenly shivered, and his red face turned white. The whole person seemed to have been pumped out of vitality and lost his luster.
"This is the skyscraper?" The weak voice drowned and exploded. After the South China Sea Zhenjun asked, he still didn’t listen to the old man’s answer. The whole person was instantly broken and disappeared along with the Yuan God.
The strong power lost its source and the explosion immediately decreased.
When everything was calm, the old man fell to the ground and looked very pale.
After some struggle, the semi-hongxia did not escape the blood jade peony, which was swallowed up by that delicate and beautiful flower, and the Yuan God occupied the body and disappeared from the world.
The holy dragon tripod is still hovering, and Tian Quan Long Mai’s spiritual support maintains a dazzling posture
Fly and hongxia (blood jade peony) moved a body and said, "Well, it’s not bad. It’s not bad."
The old man looked at her with strange eyes and whispered, "Keep working hard and I will let you have more things."