That Mrs. Burns said meticulously

Goethe and Kyle listened carefully.
Both of them know that the opportunity is rare and no one will be distracted.
Mrs. Burns continued—
"But if you want to master this key, you have to have talent. If you don’t have talent, even if you study, there is nowhere to go, but it will bring disaster."
"So I suggested that Morey test your talents before teaching."
"But he insists that you are both excellent’ gifted’"
Speaking of which, Mrs. Burns frowned again.
But it returned to normal in a moment.
"’talent’ is important for’ extraordinary’"
"A gifted person can master the extraordinary power of real meaning by talking like a law."
"A gifted person can easily make extraordinary power stronger."
As she spoke, the ball of light on Mrs. Burns’ right finger quickly became bigger.
Breathing becomes the size of an apple.
The light suddenly became more dazzling than
Goethe and Kyle, who have been paying attention to Mrs. Burns, suddenly shed tears and blurred their eyes.
"This is the simplest example."
"Those with insufficient talent [flash] can take photos."
"The talented person [Flash] can make the enemy blind."
Mrs. Burns said that the light in her hand melted into a little light and dissipated.
The door was pushed at this time.
Goethe and Kyle, the housekeeper, handed towels stained with potions.
"It can be effectively relieved by applying it to your eyes for half a minute. Remember not to open your eyes when applying the medicine."
Mrs. Burns said.
Goethe and Kyle did the same.
Goethe can feel a coolness when a towel is applied to his eyes.
The tingling soon disappeared.
Two minutes later Goethe took the towel.
By this time, he has returned to normal
And the housekeeper in the classroom also lit candles.
After all this, the housekeeper quit, but Goethe could hear the other person’s footsteps not far away, but just outside the door
Apparently, the other party guaranteed that Mrs. Burns would not be eavesdropped on the course.
Kyle recovered more slowly than Goethe.
When Kyle took the towel and found himself waiting by Mrs. Burns and Goethe, the young man’s face turned red again.
"I’m sorry I …"
"No need to apologize"
Mrs. Burns waved her hand and then went on to say, "I won’t teach you the occult, much less you will preside over the baptism. I will teach you the most basic" Tufu language "and it will not guarantee the church."
"So you don’t need to treat me like a teacher, and I won’t treat you like a student-because I am returning the favor."
Mrs. Burns stressed
Goethe frowned slightly.
The occult science is the first time he heard of it.
Morey had it before the baptism.
But none of this matters.
The important thing is that this extraordinary knowledge learning seems to be more difficult than he imagined.
At present, Mrs. Burns is not easy to get along with.