And it’s only a matter of time before she hangs him visually.

For a moment, a white shadow flashed directly towards Yun Tianqing.
"What? !”
Yun Tianqing leng quickly lifted the sword block, but the biting force of the other party was extremely fast, and it was also amazing. Instead of letting go, he directly flew out!
"What a monster!"
He backhand agitate several firm but gentle straight toward the white furry monster to cut.
Chop it and blow it out.
I didn’t even see the red …
"Ow ~"
Small pupa pack appearance called a pounce on Yun Tianqing again.
His strength which is Yun Tianqing can compete?
That is, he now has a great expression of eyes to hear Snow Chihiro’s meaning … Otherwise, I’m afraid he alone is enough to put Yun Tianqing in danger!
"Don’t go! Damn it, I forbid you to disturb the elder brothers and sisters! "
"Don’t worry, it is estimated that they have already finished."
There are always unruly people who want to harm me with the wave in the face of Snow Chihiro’s blaming eyes. He sighed, "Don’t blame me. It’s really Sue who set this person up to lick the dog too much."
"Lick the dog?"
Suddenly a quiet sound came on.
Accompanied by a scorching air, a person slowly walked out from the depths of the clouds.
Long hair and cold expression.
Those who come out of the dust are born to seek immortality and ask people.
Isn’t it the mysterious sky?
There are always unruly people who want to harm me and quickly point their fingers. "See? Mr. Xue, you must have just finished when you look so indifferent. "
Xuanxiao heard this mindless remark, but he also knew that it was not good.
He waved his hand and held a perfect crimson magic weapon in his palm.
Looking at several people, their eyes finally fell on the whole Qionghua Sect and asked, "Are those who are raging in Qionghua Sect your companions?"
Snow Chihiro nodded and said, "Yes, we all don’t like what you Qionghua School have done. It is bound to make it difficult for you Qionghua School to plot!"
As soon as this word comes out,
Many reincarnation hearts like it at the same time.
Mr Xue this sentence but directly pull their camp nemesis to their side.
Chapter 616 Needle to wheat awn
Bang ~ ~! ! !
Accompanied by a huge noise
Since the fierce fighting, Qionghua Qianshan has also experienced a violent shock.
Will have already killed red eye both sides to disturb …
The indecision may look in the direction of Qionghua Houshan JuanYuntai …
Only to see that the two handles in the sky are far away from the magic weapon, but now they are teetering with the agitation of the sky.
The double sword has been banned and closed. It’s hard to see the double sword until you step into the position of the cloud platform.
But now …
This prohibition has already been cracked!
Taitsing The Immortal’s eyes flushed and he shouted, "I knew there was something wrong with you. It turned out that we were in your diversion!"