That is, knowing the sea and gv 10.
Once broken, even if you don’t die, you will be stupid for life.
Hu Peng was a white-faced man.
Shi Xi gently coughed a pair of twins in the field at the right time
"These two young ladies are famous for their lock soul, and it is already extraordinary for them to repair at a young age."
"Jade leaf!"
"I have seen Hu Daxia!"
Jade branches and leaves are young, but they are all black iron, and it seems that they are not far from the middle of black iron.
Home is great. Hu Peng, with a deep background, can’t be careless and hurriedly hand over.
"Hu has seen two"
"This is the exhibition hero" Shi Xiyi led the last person.
"It’s a pity to show the swordsman’s swordsmanship!"
"I have seen Zhan Daxia"
Several people have seen it one by one.
The exhibition by the wind is the oldest and the highest, and several others are also masters of the black iron realm.
Only Heidi can’t see through practice because her practice method is different from others.
There are so many black iron masters and a strong silver disciple who can walk sideways in most places in Hongze domain.
But boss Hu’s expression is still dignified
"You should also know that Yunshan has a monster that eats people. Over the years, many merchants in the past have suffered."
"Xuantianmeng sent people to deal with it, but it can’t be done."
Hu Peng sighed lightly.
"Hu was penniless in his early years, and he found a way to make a fortune on his own."
"So peaceful things who would have thought …"
He sighed a continued
"It’s hard to have an accident after walking too much at night. Hu has been cursed by that monster when he doesn’t know it, and his life will soon be over."
I don’t want to die!
"The invited guests came to chop off the monster."
A few words tell the whole story. Hu Peng stopped and looked at everyone with bright eyes and full of hope.
Several people look at each other.
Zhan Chengfeng doesn’t talk much but points to the point.
"Of course"
Hu Peng patted his hands
"Hu has accumulated a lot of things over the years. What if a few people can get rid of my heart and suffer from some foreign objects?"
As he took care of a woman with outstanding looks, she came from a leisurely line outside the house
However, the line of sight did not fall on the female body, but on the neatly stacked source crystals, precious medicines and spiritual materials in their trays.
"These are deposits."
Hu Peng leaned forward to say
"Hu has a lot of thanks after the job is done!"
"Shout …"
A few people breathe.
Even Heidi, a master with a strange mage, couldn’t help licking her mouth.
Walking out of Hu Fu, several people are walking in the street.
Not far away, the caravan is ready to go, and the guard leader is arrogant and shouting something that has attracted many people to gather here.
"gruyter is really rich."
Jade branch looked at the beautiful eyes of the lively caravan.
"Of course" is on display.
"There are not many people who have the courage and strength to cross Yunshan alive. The Hu family has accumulated a rich foundation for ten years by this road."
"Brother Zhan says" Shi Xi is also in his low mouth.
"Hu Jia will collect 20% to 30% of the escort materials when delivering goods, and earn more than selling goods."
"And …"