"Leng Shao, you belong to us all day. You want to go shopping with me. You want to kiss with her. You want to sleep with her …" Hearing this, Leng Guan really wants to hit the wall. This kind of thing must be Miss Yi Qing!

Miss Yi Qing, why are you doing this … You really can’t help it if the young master is angry …
But when he thought so, his blue eyes had already made waves, which was a terrible message.
"Master! Master, you should calm down! Impulse is the devil! " Cold housekeeper will stop him at once. I can’t guarantee that their master will do anything!
Maybe you will really regret it then!
Leng Ruixi’s face became more and more gloomy, and girls didn’t know what to say …
Looking at his gloomy face, they are really scared! Didn’t Yi Qing say why LengShao would have such a big reaction? !
"Cold less so today …" A girl is full of expectation, and she will know that she doesn’t understand Leng Ruixi …
Don’t provoke him at this time! Otherwise, you will die miserably!
It is because of this that the cold housekeeper immediately appeared. "Ladies, how much did you give Miss Yi Qing?"
"add up to 3 million"
Miss Yiqing, you are so bold! Actually sold their young master! And there are three million!
Cold housekeeper Naiwangtian, I’m sure there won’t be anything good to eat when I go back to Miss Yiqing today!
Their young master is really angry!
"I’ll give it to you. Go!"
Hearing this news, their department was shocked and unbelievable. Looking at him, the cold housekeeper took them aside and said, "Master is not in a good mood today. Are you sure you want to go out with him?" !”
This tone seems to carry some threats. If this doesn’t work, then he has to solve it in another way!
After all, Han Yiqing is the wealthy family! Fuck off, woman!
They are all very unwilling, but they know Leng Ruixi’s character! As far as I can.
Leng Ruixi exudes a violent atmosphere. When the cold housekeeper comes back, she hears him say, "Check it for me. Where is it? !”
Hearing this, the cold housekeeper couldn’t help but pray for Han Yiqing, but there was no way to let the young master command her!
He nodded. "Okay, I’ll check it now."
And Han Yiqing in the restaurant shook her inexplicably. She didn’t know what was waiting for her when she went back …
Chapter 144 Who let you always bully me!
The villa is dull.
All three men have a tacit understanding. The living room is waiting for Yin Churou, and they know who they are waiting for …
But … Look at this appearance, she is really dangerous! So she turned around silently, but Yin Yuhao stopped her in a second. "Churou is not allowed to tip her off!"
Hearing this, Yin Chu’s soft steps stopped violently, and then she pleaded with Han Yiqing. "Elder brother, she is really not …"
Yin Yuhao jumped up when he heard this sentence. "You already knew about Churou, didn’t you? !” He didn’t say anything, but she took it off in such a hurry to tip off the news!
She must know about it! But I didn’t tell him!
"Well, I know I was there at the auction."
The three men’s fists are all clenched together. This girl is getting bolder and bolder! How dare you do such a thing!
Thought of here, they have reached a consensus today that they must take good care of her! Otherwise, it’s really not working!
Yin Chu Rougen has no choice but to wait for Han Yiqing to come back
The night came to the door slowly, and Han Yiqing saw that they all called her, and she expected it …
They should enjoy seeing those girls! She can imagine what kind of expressions they are! The more I think about it, the more I show off in an ostentatious manner, but she has no idea what it is to meet her …
Everyone in the hall knows that they are waiting for that person to come back, but they are not in a hurry to go to the door, but … waiting for her response!
When Han Yiqing’s key was ready for the door, he felt something was wrong when he inserted it …
"Oh no, can’t the door? !” She remembers that she called last night! What’s wrong!
She looked intently at something wrong … She was in a hurry …
This door lock has been changed! And it’s very new!
"I know you guys! Come out! " She finally understood that it was them who were up to something! How many of them can change the door lock in such a short time and then keep her out of the door!