The cloud-cracking stone vibrates and thunders everywhere.

Large tracts of buildings have completely collapsed and transformed into larger ones. Six sources are rushing towards the star machine.
Heaven is crumbling.
Star God withdrew his long sword and raised it high again-
This is going to be the winner!
"Give me a break!"
Gu Qingshan drink a way
His hands suddenly fell.
Follow him to the heaven with a long black knife in the hands of the star machine god!
Everything is predestined-
Flint light but see sent a sudden flash.
He went straight to heaven and held out a hand to meet the long black knife.
The two touch each other
Qi suddenly condensed into a ring and burst into a deafening noise.
Star God was blown out like a shell, and the earth rolled for two times to adjust its posture continuously before finally living.
"How is that possible!" Lose one’s way from darkness
The Heaven Emperor and all the Immortals will do damage to the Star Machine God with one blow.
However, at the moment, the Emperor suddenly made moves.
He resisted the attack of a holy city with only one man!
"self-check!" Gu Qingshan drank low again.
"Damage the intelligent combat center to judge that the other party did not make a move" mechanical response.
Gu Qingshan creepy move ordered "switch defensive posture immediately"
Star machine god will raise his long knife in his hand before returning to the wilderness.
Long Dao gradually turned into a flashing star, and the tower shield was held in front of the star machine god.
-is blocked a week machine god was flying out.
The fake emperor has such strength?
Gu Qingshan’s thoughts fly.
It’s a pity that there is too little information. The truth is like a moment in the fog.
See the emperor in the virtual cold eyes looked behind him.
The page exudes colorful divine light and covers the heaven.
Repair of Tiantang anode at a slow speed
This process requires a lot of merits, but a good city will not collapse again, which is considered to be temporarily stable.
The Emperor of Heaven slowly turned his head and looked at the Star Machine God.
I wonder if his face shows disgust.