Don’t say it’s Zhang Yanqian, but Chu Yi’s action at the moment is not at all. Many people who noticed the change of Chu Yi’s breath rushed over.

Yu Dayou, Lin Ping is Jihu, but Chu Yi is surrounded at the moment. Look at that posture. It’s Chu Yi’s dharma.
"This is the temple …"
See ChuYi that look Yu Dayou and Lin Ping is some scratching their heads to listen to a speech all the people to react look more dignified.
The breath of tea kung fu is not necessarily inflated. Chu Yi’s breath suddenly converges, and his face shook his head with a somewhat wry smile.
Seeing that Chu Yi woke up, Zhang Yanqian stared at Chu Yi in unison, and Zhang Yanqian looked forward to watching Chu Yi tremble. "Is the temple a breakthrough?"
Chu Yi took a look at Zhang Yanqian and shook his head. "Chu tried several times but it was difficult to break through, giving people the feeling that the innate road was cut off!"
Zhang Yanqian’s look changed slightly, and his eyes showed a sudden color. He sighed and said softly, "It really happens!"
Look at Zhang Yanqian’s way of shaking his head and sighing. Chu Yi waved his hand to signal that several people in Qihu would disperse. Chu Yi said to Zhang Yanqian, "Dragon and Tiger Mountain Tianshi House has been in the same vein for thousands of years. Does Tianshi know why?"
Zhang yanqian sighed with a kind of blank color in his eyes. "Zhang just vaguely guessed from the ancient books in the government that it was difficult for us to break through the congenital situation. It seems sincere!"
Chu Yi’s eyebrows flashed a ray of fine mans in his eyes. "Sincerity, Mr. Qingtian, Liu Bowen?"
Zhang Yanqian noticed that the change of Chu Yi’s look seemed to be guessing what Chu Yi was thinking. He smiled and shook his head at Chu Yi and said, "Is it true that the temple is sincere and ordered by Mao to cut the dragon vein and kill the martial arts?"
Chu Yi smiled and shook his head. Liu Bowen was a figure a hundred years ago. If Liu Bowen’s statement that the dragon was cut off and the heaven and the earth were connected was true, then how could this side of the world have been haunted and danced around?
Looking at Chu Yi, Zhang Yanqian sighed, "No one has broken through the innate realm for a hundred years in this world. If there is still a way to go, it is the most promising person to come to the temple!"
Tianshi in past dynasties are all learned and versatile people. He doesn’t speak little. For Taoist classics, he is absolutely the most proficient in reading through 3,000 Taoist scriptures. I can’t say it’s a foundation, but it’s also well-organized.
You can imagine how many classics Chu Yi has read through these years. Chu Yi is so impressed that he almost never leaves his hand. Even when he kills people, Chu Yi has a volume of classics in his hand, which makes people secretly satirize Chu Yi’s waste of reading sages.
Chu Yi is no stranger to Taoist collection, but there are many Taoist classics. The most important thing is that Taoist sects are more complicated than Buddhist sects.
It is widely known that the terms of each school are different, such as Tianshi Road, Qingwei Road, Lingbao Road and Zhendao. It is possible that the terms of different schools in the same thing are different.
It is conceivable that this has a great test for a person’s erudition. Zhang Yanqian’s Tianshi Dao is not only proficient in Tianshi Dao, but also familiar with other schools’ classics.
However, when Chu Yi and Zhang Yanqian talked about Taoism in their leisure time, Zhang Yanqian was dismayed to find that Chu Yi’s proficiency in Taoist temple collection was even better than that of others.
Chu Yi was able to spit out many ancient books that he didn’t know.
Unconsciously, the fleet arrived at Tianjin Port.
Tianjin Jingshimen’s former governor’s office of grain transportation, especially after that turmoil, Tianjin was not depressed, but with the new governor of grain transportation, Tianjin was more prosperous than ever.
With the sea going from south to north for a long time, there are more and more merchant ships, but the geographical position of Tianjin Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, an artery node, is quite important.
The importance of the capital city gate Tianjin is becoming more and more important, as can be seen from the fact that there are 5,000 military forces stationed here.
You know, going to Tianjin is just a matter of stationing two guards and horses. Although the number of military forces belonging to local guards is not small, if you really want to talk about combat effectiveness, it is simply unbearable to look straight at them.
But now, the military forces stationed in Beijing camp are transferred from Beijing camp. According to the court’s plan, the military forces stationed in Tianjin Beijing camp are rotated every year, but it also avoids the possibility that the governor of grain transportation will control the military forces again.
Lv Wenyang occupied the position of governor of grain transportation, which almost caused great disaster. Now, it was Chu Yi who recommended it to Tian Biheng.
Bi Heng is loyal and honest, but he is the most suitable candidate for the governor of grain transportation, and Bi Heng has not failed to live up to the day. Besides, Chu Yi-hou hopes that in just a few years, grain transportation dispatching can fully break out several times.
The same ship has the same manpower, but the materials transferred by Bi Heng have soared several times, which can be seen by Bi Heng.
At this moment, more than a dozen officials in Bihengshou port are looking forward to watching the big ship slowly approaching the shore in the distance.
At the moment, the commander of the 5,000-strong army stationed in Tianjin made Du Yikang patrol the whole port with his troops. It was really a sensation that Chu Yi was shelled in the harbor. Now it has already been repeated. This has sounded the alarm for Bi Heng, Du Yikang and others.
If Chu Yi’s Tianjin port is attacked by assassins again, even a member of Biheng’s petty officials will be furious.