"Dad, we can’t let people remit money to Tang Zhishan’s account. Isn’t it just five hundred million? We are also out." At this time, Gao Zhenzong’s room Gao Wu heard that his father was going to send him away, so he couldn’t sit still immediately.
Although such a big thing happened, Gao Zhenzong still didn’t show what was a little tired.
"Can you adjust five hundred million funds to make the country can’t find traces? Can you be willing to save money like this before this happens? " Gao Zhenzong looked at the son for a while before shaking his head slightly. "This method is very special and unique. For the first time, a person is a genius. For the second time, if you follow a fool, you should leave now tonight or I will let you go."
Gao Zhen zong yin is small but dignified. Gao Wu listened to it and left.
Gao Zhenzong slowly looked at the sofa and sat smoking. "Do you think it’s that Lindong Institute?"
"Nine times out of ten," Galway nodded, "because he must have moved to kill me at that time, and then he seemed to pick up a message. I didn’t catch what he said at that time, but the meaning of his last words was very obvious. The fact is that he really did it before his eyes."
"alas!" Gao Zhenzong couldn’t help sighing and shaking his head slightly. At first, when Gao Wei said this, he didn’t take it too seriously. It seems that it is not easy to clean up a small policeman, even if he has a very limited strength, but now he knows how difficult it is.
"You have a lot of things this time, I’m afraid … Gao Wu has something to say, and I have decided to temporarily transfer my idle position to Xiaowu. I sent him away and didn’t want him to learn martial arts into that environment because the cruelty of that world far exceeds ordinary people’s imagination. Sending him now is to protect him." Gao Zhenzong couldn’t help sighing again. "You never know."
"Shout …" Galway spit out the last mouthful of cigarettes and put out the ashtray. "I should have an end to this matter when I turn myself in."
Galway has several things exposed. At this time, no one can guarantee him. Galway is also very clear about this. He has to come out as soon as possible to suppress this matter. Only in this way can this matter be brought to an end so that the whole Gaos thought will not collapse completely.
Chapter DiYiErQi Off
Galway was very unwilling, but he had to do it. If he didn’t do it, he wouldn’t have a chance. Even if he was in prison, there was nothing wrong. But there was no specific news about that crazy Lin Dong and how much pushing power and energy he had behind this incident.
Tang Zhishan must have tampered with it, too. There are also many people who have fallen into trouble. These are all expected things. Now Lin Dong Galway is afraid to think about this person’s situation. I hope that as he said, he will surrender himself and end all this, so that a father will not let Gaos completely collapse, and there is still room for turning around.
Three days later, Gao Zhenzong resigned as the governor of Donggang Province due to physical reasons. The explanation was that Gao Zhenzong’s son Gao Wei had some business frictions with others. He moved his father to oppress the other party to pay back the money, which made the money come to Gao Zhenzong’s name.
In this way, Galway became the scapegoat. The investigation of his company found many problems, but it did not happen that Wang Yongchen died and poured sulfuric acid on Longxi.
At this time, more than 110 thousand people in Shenzhen and Hong Kong’s largest gymnasium were crazy, and some policemen had to bring special sound insulation equipment to keep in touch with each other. Although they were close, they could not easily enjoy the concert and danced with Longxi.
On the stage, Longxi releases the soul-stirring music and dances fiercely. Her music scatters people’s thoughts and destroys them. In this environment, most people are infected by her, and she can be passionate, energetic and energetic with her music and dance.
Not many people can stay awake, but not far from Longxi, next to the band, there is a person who looks like a live director staring at the screen, but he is very calm and looks at all this with a faint smile from time to time.
Because of this incident, Lin Dong didn’t say anything, he had the best treatment, and he had the opportunity to enjoy Longxi dance at the nearest distance and have the opportunity to hear the most beautiful and shocking music.
Watches show some latest news from time to time. Since the lifting of the ban on funds, he has also relaxed a lot, including information acquisition. Lin Dong, who saw Galway surrender, smiled a little. Unfortunately, this guy is still a little heroic. He still dare not admit that Wang Yongchen is obviously afraid of Wang Qiang’s troubles, but this is understandable. Even if he admits 99.9%, he may not spread it.
Lin Dong is still very satisfied with this result. The five hundred million fuse ignited all the explosives of others, which was enough to destroy Gao Zhenzong’s original seemingly impossible behavior, but there were many indescribable entanglements and various changes in the struggle. Lin Dong didn’t care about it, and he just grasped the general direction and achieved what he wanted.
Long Xi’s concert went very smoothly. During the whole concert, Lin Dong was occasionally absent-minded and was brought into the middle school. He was affected and solved the trouble of Galway. Now Lin Dong’s mind is full of things from all over the world, which threatened Wang Qiang. He was careful not to retreat or affect himself.
"Bang … yeah …" A champagne ceremony was held, and all the workers cheered excitedly. After the concert, there was a small celebration backstage, but one person drank a glass of champagne because there were still several things to do in the follow-up.
These days, Tianlong Xixi’s schedule is very urgent. After today’s concert, she will go directly to the airport because the promotion activities have already started.
This time, four police cars and six cars of Longxi entered the airport directly. The airport specially arranged a place. This is a private jet. Recently, Tianlong Xixi also flew to other provinces to do an activity. This plane has been exposed. This private jet was specially presented to Longxi by the Oriental media. It is worth about 150 million RMB and can take 23 people.
Although it is said that it is a special plane for Longxi, it is also a big deal for the eastern media. This is another signal country for the eastern media. Apart from the eastern media, there is no media entertainment company to provide special artists with special planes, even if it is a corporate sports event later, or the Longxi special plane will be enough to make the media relish.
"I finally left and stayed up for so many days. I have to have a good sleep when I go back." Lao Zhang’s right hand gently shook his head according to the acupuncture point on his left shoulder.
"I heard that after this, it seems that I can give a few days off and have a good rest. I don’t know if it’s true." Wei Bin also came over. They have checked the plane just now, and even Zina, who has been with Long Xi recently, followed.
"This is the need to fight for" said Zena, slightly sleepy and tired, and looked at Lin Dong with charming eyes.
Lao Zhang also eyes a bright "Lin everyone can see you"
"Head …" Wei Bin is also a little excited. He introduced an object to him at home these days and met him twice. Because Wei Bin got Lin Dong’s permission halfway, he brought her to take photos with Long Xi and got her a VIP ticket for the concert. Wei Bin’s new girlfriend is not hot for Wei Bin. Recently, they have been in contact frequently. Wei Bin is eager to see Lin Dong. Now he really wants to have a holiday and go out with his girlfriend.
"Ha ha ….." Lin Dong smiled and was angry and funny. There was no way to promise. "I’ll tell Liu Bureau if I can approve it, but it’s not for me to decide."
"Ha ha ….." Lao Zhang lit a cigarette in a good mood. "How can there be a problem when you come forward?"
"Became" Zena satisfiedly glanced at one side Wei Bin.
When he looked at Qina, Qina smiled and ran to help Longxi and others get busy.
For Lin Dong, Long Xi, they came in a hurry and left in a hurry, but now that they are away, Lin Dong can sometimes do something to deal with the plan of the Universal Mission. He has been thinking about it for a long time, but because of the limited funds, he had to let Tan Mingrui slowly find a way, but now Lin Dong has thought about it and personally arranged a plan.
"Miss Long Xi, the police officer Lin, invited you to a plane and it will take off in half an hour. She wants to thank you personally." At this moment, a person came over and said respectfully and enviously.
Although they are the workers around Longxi, it is difficult for them to say anything to Longxi alone. Recently, Lin Dong often went back to the Holiday Sunshine Hotel to see Chen Zhuangzhuang and stayed in Longxi Presidential Suite, which made them always talk quietly and fantasize.
There are not too many planes for Lin Dong. It’s like for a person who travels around the sea by an aircraft carrier every day. Suddenly, a private yacht with a length of more than ten meters is as long as Longxi’s. A separate room in front is looking at something and seeing Lin Donglai, and he quickly gets up.
"I’ll go out and see how the arrangement is going …" Chen Zhuangzhuang, who saw Lin Donglai, immediately prepared to avoid the super policeman Chen Zhuangzhuang, who is not a big official but has a magical collar, was completely afraid.
"Don’t go yet." Long Xi stopped Chen Zhuangzhuang and then looked at Lin Dong. "Officer Lin is leaving the office because of our horse. I want to ask if I need to check on Zhuangzhuang’s illness again. Can I introduce him to his girlfriend?"
This Chen Zhuangzhuang’s face turned red as soon as he rose, but he was happy for life, and he also looked forward to seeing Lin Dong.