"A heavy sleep magic dragon body to make intermediate fiend weapons;"

"Second, put magic dragon’s dead body in the comprehensive garbage dump of the doomsday line of all worlds, and exchange it for rebuilding a fiend against the corresponding body parts of the abyss monster."
"It shows that the value of the corpse is greatly increased. Whether it is a weapon or an exchange, good results can be obtained."
Gu Qingshan pondered for a moment.
If you choose the first one, you can get a whole magic dragon as a helper
-and they were afraid to finally enter the ancient times after the real last moment hit another magic dragon.
According to the historical development, the abyss of magic dragon is undisturbed.
In other words, the real history of magic dragon has long fallen into the abyss of magic dragon.
Will it be a problem if two of them appear at the same time?
Supposedly, getting this magic dragon corpse is a parallel world and will not affect the main world.
Only when the main world crosses a certain time will the law appear to erase one of them.
Well, it is supposed to be so.
But Gu Qingshan did not dare to gamble.
This is an important issue in the whole campaign, and no accidents are allowed.
"I choose the second one. You make a monster fiend for the abyss." Gu Qingshan made a decision.
"Please wait patiently when Bai Zheng needs to exchange all kinds of body sewing" ordered.
"Can the intermediate fiend defeat the abyss monster?" Gu Qingshan interested in asked.
"But when you try to escape a little more," the demon king ordered.
"I remember magic dragon killing the soul of the deep weaver."
"That is the soul is not the body nature is very easy to deal with; Besides, there is magic dragon, which has long been abysmal, and it must be stronger than a stitched corpse. "
"… all right"
The revolutionary interface continues to appear in lines of bloody fine print.
"The corresponding upgrade has been completed."
"The magic tide of the doomsday line in the first stage"
"Because you choose to break through the mode order, it won’t make your new function."
"Attention, please!"
"When the magic tide comes, there will be many evils coming from nothing, and you will compete for the opportunity to achieve the order devil."
"Enemies have means to resist" Gu Qingshan should be a.
Order is no longer to be said.
A few lines of bloody fine print faded away.
Order fell into silence.