"Patriarch must not gloat" said a man with a beard and eyebrows on the hill. "I heard that those two kids from different continents are not raptors, but maybe they have some intention …"

"Ryukyu and the sea, you are really getting more and more timid." Ryukyu and sword gently hum one or another. "Aren’t they two little guys? Who else in the mainland is worthy of my fear? "
See oneself can’t persuade patriarch ryukyu and sea can sigh a retreated aside.
A young man said viciously, "Dad, those two kids robbed my woman and I want to find them unlucky!" "
This dude is Ryukyu, a sword and a flower.
"hmm? !” Ryukyu and sword nose slightly vent eyes caught a glimpse of Ryukyu and Yu Ryukyu and Yu immediately body a slight trembling obediently shut up.
"Now lost is min family face we ryukyu heart sword zong what thing? If you want to toss, let these two small toss go. It is best to let them tear down the full moon castle so that I can save trouble. "
Liu Yijian said coldly, "I’ll come out and clean them up when those two little scampers are almost done!" "
It’s not that his patriarch doesn’t pay attention to the two small ones, but that he pays too much attention to the two small ones and even recognizes that the small ones can bring down the full moon castle.
Thinking of this, I can’t help secretly feeling that my eyes are so different from those of the patriarch, and I sincerely bow down and salute the sword of Ryukyu. "The foresight of the patriarch is beyond our ability!"
Liu Yijian stroked his beard with satisfaction. "The current patriarch of Liu Hai sent you to the vicinity of Moon Castle to keep an eye on those two kids. If they need help to remember us, Liu Xin Jianzong is very hospitable!"
Ryukyu and Sea understood the meaning of Ryukyu and Sword’s words. It was simply a "yes. Chapter 489 Sky Alliance"
Lin Yu made a fortune as soon as he arrived in the mainland of the sky, and at the same time, he made Cangyu’s mainland chicken fly a dog and jump into a jinx.
But Lin Yuke didn’t think he was a hoodoo. He now wants to earn more spar.
Yes, I do. I rob it once in a while
Lin Yuyuan was going to do business in the mainland of the sky. He sold the mecha and weapons refined by the Lins in recent years to the mainland of the sky to make a fortune, and then robbed Ryukyu and Jianxin Jianzong by the way.
But I didn’t expect his business partner, the Full Moon Chamber of Commerce, to want to swallow himself. Lin Yunai can choose to eat black and eat black.
At this time, Lin Yu is taking Ouyang Xiu, Min Yuner and Yue Ling to hide in a city hotel near Full Moon Castle to discuss the next step plan.
"Yueling, do you have any sales channels that can not only bypass Wangyuebao but also sell a lot of my goods?" Lin Yu, who was in charge of the headquarters of the Moon Chamber of Commerce, believes that she should have more or less access to this area.
Moon Ling shook her head. "Master, you have offended the Full Moon Chamber of Commerce. No one dares to do business with you except …"
"In addition to Liu Xin Jian Zong?" Jing Yueling woke up like this and Lin Yu suddenly thought of a wonderful plan.
Ryukyu’s sword Sect doesn’t know that it’s no problem to kill their little patriarch and do business with them.
I don’t go back to Cangyu mainland now and then make a batch of problematic mecha, weapons and Dan medicine and then sell them to Ryukyu sword Sect.
Wouldn’t it be great if Ryukyus sword Sect didn’t come to invade Cangyu mainland, and if they dared to come to Lin Yu, they could directly let the goods explode in groups?
But it’s not easy to really do this.
First of all, I’m from a different continent, and I don’t necessarily trust myself.
There are also many people in the real sky mainland who make mecha weapons and refine Dan medicine. Even if their goods are better than those in the sky mainland, Liu Xin Jianzong may not be willing to buy his own things.
Wanted to think, Lin Yu think it depends.
Nazhi Yueling still shook her head and said, "Master, you can still do business with the Sky Alliance. They are very upright and can’t cheat people."
"Sky Alliance?" Lin Yu immediately mobilized the memory of two swordsmen in Ryukyu and found the alliance information in the sky.
This alliance was founded by a flying man named Liu Yun. No one knows whether this man is a man or a woman. The only thing everyone knows is that he has the strength of Cang Yu and hates evil. He is very dissatisfied with Ryukyu’s heart sword Sect’s wanton annexation of various large, medium and small family factions.
So a group of remnants of various families annexed by the sword Sect of Ryukyu Heart formed the Sky Alliance around Liu Yunfei.
By the way, this alliance will settle the injustice it has seen against the overlord of Ryukyu sword Sect.
It can be said that the awe-inspiring righteousness is the evaluation of this organization by all mainlanders in the sky.
But Lin Yu knows that there is no absolute good or evil in this world.
Even Liu Yunfei is really jealous of evil, but that’s just his idea of not being evil
Of course, such people are naturally what people usually call good people and just people.