"Ha, ha, ha, that’s for sure. You don’t have to fight in person with me."

Renee Doyle stayed for a moment.
Yes, if
Curtain also protect yourself by yourself.
How did you end up in this situation?
His own destiny is actually his partner.
….. No, I can do it myself without him!
Renee Doyle gritted her teeth and held hands together to recite the star mantra.
"The stars are moving-"
Outside, a gust of wind blew through the blood rain and roared away from the ditch where she was hiding.
A monk’s head fell in front of Renee Doyle.
"All laws come …"
In the middle of Renee Doyle’s spell, her eyes fell on the stiff, desperate and angry expression on her head.
The blood forced her to back off a little.
An idea suddenly appeared in Renee Doyle’s mind.
-wouldn’t it be the focus of the battlefield if you really shot?
Those monster with eyes will immediately besiege themselves.
What shall we do then?
Who can guarantee that others will fight with them?
"I shoulder to shoulder-"
Renee Doyle stopped reading here.
The stars shine out of the void and surround her quietly waiting for the spell to be completed.
But Renee Doyle looked at the head and didn’t come back for a long time.
The brilliance of the stars gradually faded and finally disappeared.
Renee Doyle bowed her head and fell into a long meditation.
At a certain moment, she suddenly remembered another star method.
At this time, it is more suitable for another unique stunt.
Renee Doyle immediately read, "The forces of the stars inspire all the laws to come to me to cover my tracks!" "
A flash of starlight
Her figure has become illusory
This is a good concealment technique, but unfortunately, the female emperor has never experienced this technique in her generation.
Slowly pass by