It was not until the night of the third day of March that year that Chang’ an Long Mai suddenly became turbulent

An aura that I didn’t know came across most of the territory of the Tang Dynasty and fell straight to Chang ‘an, attracting the attention of the practitioners of heaven.
-Literati worked hard to find a clever boy … and came to the world!
At this moment, whether you believe it or not, all forces shook up.
Even if the aura falling from the sky is not a so-called "spiritual child", it contains strength enough to help practitioners break the boundary between heaven and man to a higher level.
Therefore, that year’s "Dragon Head Up Day" was born, and the boy was called "earthworm" by insiders.
Chapter 36 stillbirth magic boy
"Children born on’ Dragon Head Up Day’ sound very ceremonial …"
Pei Wende couldn’t help but vomit a way while listening to Li Gang’s story.
"I wonder if the so-called’ Lingtong’ has three eyes if a’ White Dragon Flying Year’ is added in front?"
Slightly frowned Li Gang obviously didn’t understand Pei Wende’s speech.
Or that Li Gang can understand the hidden stalk in Pei Wende’s words, that’s seeing a ghost.
"No, this guy is an old habit. Go on."
On the contrary, I have long been used to Peiwende’s random Xiaoqing when I asked what happened.
"White dragon flying? It sounds really meaningful. "
"Although that year can’t be called’ White Dragon Flying Year’, it is still possible to call it’ The Year of Earthworms’"
Although I didn’t understand Pei Wende’s strong acceptability, Li Gang soon got used to this statement and corrected it meticulously.
"And you are the clever boy born that day …"
"At the very least, in the eyes of outsiders, you are the reincarnation."
On the third day of March that year, it was also the day when the dragon looked up.
Pei Wende, a new student, was born, and Peifu became the "three public" in the name of Peifu.
However, the problem also arises here. According to Li Gang’s investigation, Pei Wende was not registered after his birth, even without a name.
This is not normal. It can be said that there is something abnormal.
Newborns in a big clan like Pei are usually registered in the genealogy immediately after birth, and even if they die, they will remember the date of birth and death in detail with few exceptions.
So Li Gang was keenly aware of this and decisively returned to Chang ‘an to find Pei Wende’s midwife at that time.
Although it has been 20 years, the midwife still remembers the situation of delivering Pei Wende at the beginning.
On the one hand, it is because more than one person has consulted her about the situation in that year.
But on the other hand, it was because Pei Wende’s situation was so special that she could remember it clearly even after twenty years.
Because in those days, Peifu’s "three fairs" … was a stillbirth.
A stillbirth that has died before birth will naturally not be recorded in Pei’s register, let alone remember the detailed date of birth and death.
"It sounds a little scary, but it’s true."
Looking at it, it seems that he is not surprised at all. Pei Wende and Li Jue sighed and continued to tell his own information during this period.
"A baby who died before birth came back to life on the third day after birth …"
"This is another big evidence that you are regarded as a reincarnation."
The stillbirth was not discarded or buried for some reason after birth, but kept in the delivery room.
After learning this situation, literate admired immediately ordered Pei Jia to hand over the child.
That’s how Zou Qiwu stole the baby at night, and Zen master hugged the baby and then rushed to Zhongnanshan to fight his way out among the practitioners.
However, the fact that Li Gang found out the truth is far more important than such an "understatement" description.
Because Zen master Lingyou took the baby away, it was equivalent to a complete break with literate Sect, and all forces were eager to move, adding another fire.
The most important thing is that although the stillbirth came back to life, it was influenced by the violent force of the body, but he behaved like a bloodthirsty and ferocious beast.
In that day of escape, the irrational magic fetus ran away and went crazy again and again, and then was appeased again and again by Zen master Lingyou.
No one knows how long this day lasted.
Just like no one knows why Zen master Lingyou is so persistent in trying to bring the magic fetus into the right track.
The only fact that Li Gang knows clearly is that Zen Master Ling You worked hard in the past, and the magic fetus has grown up. Now, Master Pei, the Buddha of Wanjiasheng in Tanzhou area.
[So this is the truth that I have been unable to’ trace’ that memory? 】
Pei Wende didn’t behave so easily. After listening to Li Gang’s story, he finally understood what happened to his missing memory.
Pei Wende has been trying to trace back the memory of his birth by the method of "proving the Tao in a dream" since the initiation of the Heart Wheel.
The result is not satisfactory every time, and it can be traced back to the war of Zhao Guizhen, the Zen master of Lingyou.
This is still relying on the method of "testifying in a dream" to read the physical memory magically and make up the situation. There must be some differences in the development of real events.
So if the truth is as Li Gang said, then the reason why Pei Wende can’t read that memory is found.
Because before Pei Wende’s will really appeared, his body root in this life was a magic fetus and a dead baby.
This situation Rao is that Pei Wende has mastered the miraculous ability of "testifying in a dream", and it is absolutely impossible to succeed by reading a memory that he has never experienced.
"What does this have to do with Pei Wende’s second sister?"
Don’t show color caught a glimpse of PeiWenDe aware of each other some depressed xiaoqing asked for him.
Xiaoqing vaguely heard some meanings in Li Gang’s previous description-the real "reincarnation" is not Pei Wende.
Pei Wende … or the appearance of the magic fetus is just a forced reversal of life and death by the people behind the scenes, making a premature death and stillbirth become the focus of attention for everyone.
From this point of view, whether literate Sect is bewitched by people and wants to hide, or finds clues to the birth of a spiritual child from Taoist scriptures, it is full of tricks and conspiracy.
Even more extreme, I wonder whether the real "reincarnation" is an unknown number.
After all, the so-called "Lingtong" theory is just a story of literate Sect.
"That’s what I want to know."
To Xiaoqing’s surprise, Li Gang was also puzzled by her questions.
"After I returned to Chang ‘an, I specially asked my master. He said that there was indeed a flash of light that fell in Chang ‘an …"
"But that’s not a clever boy or auspicious sign, but a’ green hill fox’ yuan god."
Chapter 37 Congenital broken body firm but gentle
Just as Li Gang said earlier, not everyone is blinded by desire, and Wenzong believes in "spiritual child" as well.
Master Li Gang claims to be "too forgetful". Qing Ji Taoist is No.1 Middle School.
Road flyover Qing Ji, who lived in this era, was once reincarnated by the world because of his age.
However, it is clear to Li Gang that if it weren’t for the "disaster and chaos" ten years ago, it would not be a problem for road flyovers in Qing Ji to live for decades.
Therefore, on who fabricated the theory of "reincarnation" and who was behind the scenes to entice literators to take off their inspiration from the sky.
It is this situation that Li Gang found Wulin Water and finally targeted Pei Huishen.