These creatures are the first to occupy Fumingshi Island. Dragonflies are not affected by the virus. They can eat plants as well as prey, so they reproduce very vigorously.

Dragonflies need water to breed, and with the gathering of water vapor, various puddles appear in some islands. These puddles sometimes merge together and eventually form a huge lake. When the water overflows, they will form waterfalls that rush from the islands and fall back into the twisted jungle.
This scene is quite beautiful. These high waterfalls usually form a beautiful colorful luster. The word in Lin’s mind will be called’ rainbow’.
Rainbow is the refraction phenomenon of water droplets in the air when the sun shines on it. Although it is very beautiful, it has no research value, but Lin has recently made some observation and research on the sun.
Lin initially thought that the sun appeared suddenly, but later she noticed that the sun would move slowly. The sun would rise at one end of the horizon and then set at the other end, and some plants would follow the position of the sun to absorb the most sunlight.
The sun not only returns the temperature, but if there is no sun, the whole world may freeze
Lynn feels very strange that the world should rely on things so far away from the sky to energy? Although it’s interesting, Lynn doesn’t like to rely too much on something she doesn’t know.
Sooner or later, Lin will evolve her way of life to be independent of things and unfamiliar things.
However, it is still wonderful that this unfamiliar thing can create so many creatures.
Bessemer flew slowly over the rainbow and flew over the island from the spewing waterfall. Fang Lin could see many roots sticking out. When the island rose, it was exposed to the air. At the bottom of the floating island, a dense’ tree root jungle’ was formed, and it also became some biological shelters.
There are many little green lizards jumping around the roots, and Lin turns them into wind lizards, but when they are hunted by giant vein dragonflies, they will run to the island to hide. They not only jump, but also have a film on their toes for a short flight.
But there is another lizard that is very different from them. These lizards also hide in the roots and sneak up on the jumping wind lizards.
They are also an evolving creature. This is Lin’s recent discovery that this lizard lengthens its body, fills its whole body with muscles and degenerates its hind legs. Usually, it strangles its prey by its long body.
They seem to evolve into a creature called a snake. Of course, Lin doesn’t know what a snake is. This is knowledge in her mind.
After observing and studying some creatures on the island, Lin found that except for the one that fell to death, she quickly adapted to the middle life. After Lin realized that she could create a similar environment and float everywhere without regional restrictions
Lin and other things were going on at the time of the study.
One of the Inca rock boats was pulled to the head worm rock mountain by Lin bombers. This is not only because Lin wanted to give it to the head worm, but also because Lin wanted this boat very much.
The area occupied by the head worm rock mountain group is not large, and most of them stand in the jungle. Lin found that some of the rock mountains burst, some of which used to be flying, but most of them remained intact and were not affected by the moon.
It seems that the head worms are still strong, but it also makes it difficult for the head worms to destroy them and fly away.
The brain worm knew that Lin was going to pull the boat over, and when it just got light, it rolled out of the rock where it lived and waited with a great excitement.
When I saw the giant shadow of the boat in the sky, the brain worm cried "Boat Lin Boat" while rolling excitedly.
Although its pronunciation can’t be heard with excitement, the brain worm will mix emotions into the sound only when it encounters something that makes it extremely angry, such as the inaccurate pronunciation of the Inca swarm, which makes it angry.
The anti-brainworm is not very interested in the destruction of its population. In fact, it has hardly done this. When the statue room of LinInca swarm saw a statue of volcanic eruption, the brain worm was slightly surprised
It’s quite a strange feeling to have a brain worm.
Lin asked the bomber to pull the boat low. When there was a large fern-covered forest near the ground, many hooks were shot out of the boat and inserted into the mud to stabilize the whole boat.
If it weren’t for spider silk structure, it would be really difficult to hold this 100-meter boulder.
The "boat" head worm screamed excitedly and rolled to the boat. It looked at the huge boat and its emotional excitement seemed to have expanded to the highest level.
Too much excitement is also harmful, sometimes leading to cardiac arrest and death, but there is nothing wrong with brain worms now
"Lin boat rises"
The brain worm’s vocabulary became unsmooth because of excitement, but Lin knew what it wanted to say and Lin let a bomber catch it and fly it to the boat.
The brain worm boat rolled wildly with excitement. Lin remembered that it almost rolled over Leviathan’s back and put it on the boat deck.
Although Lin gave the brain worm boat, Lin didn’t give it the type of boat power. The brain worm must find a way to move the boat by itself. Lin knows that it must have a way.
After the brain worm boat rolled for a while, it published an opinion that "the layer wall is uneven, too many sharp bumps roll uncomfortable, and the Inca swarm combination is perfect but the comfort is poor"
The brainworm lives in the rocky mountain by itself, and it will be very smooth because it is soft and easy to wear when rolling, but the Inca swarm doesn’t seem to have the appearance of the brainworm, and they don’t need to smooth the layer. There are some fat worms, but the roots of the fat worms don’t roll …
"Lin is excited about flying and handling."
After the brain worm expressed his current mood, many of its troops climbed along the hook line connecting the boat to the ground. The hook line was thicker, which allowed all the arms of the brain worm to climb by themselves.
So now that the troops are ready, what about a brain worm like launching a boat?
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Maya take off
This is a more exciting and exciting moment! Because now it finally has its own stone boat! For maya, the rock boat is equivalent to.
____ _w_w_w________
Lin doesn’t know what it means, but this boat really excites the brain worm. Once Leviathan flew with the brain worm, it was also very excited, but it was not so happy now. Maybe it was something that belonged to the brain worm.
In order to express this feeling, the brain worm is going to give Lin a lot of’ giant clam wings’, which it thinks is the best food.
It turns out that not only will a creature give up its precious things when it is cornered, but it will also try to give up its precious things when it is compared with others.
This phenomenon is really interesting.
The meat wing of the giant cockroach is roasted with fire. Because the head worm can’t make flame arms, they can occasionally meet the dry branches and receive flames in thunderstorm weather. Usually, the thunder weather will bring heavy rain, but it is quite difficult for the head worm to get fire, which also represents that this food is precious.
Although Lin doesn’t want it
The head worm directly ate it by himself, while eating the’ giant clam wings’, while the boat rolled and looked at it. A word appeared in Lin’s mind, which seemed to be called’ happiness’.
Brain worms like to eat barbecue food, especially’ giant salamander wings’ or’ giant vein dragonfly barbecue’, which are the two most favorite. Lin doesn’t understand why it rarely contributes to this nutrient, and it also leads to’ betrayal of cells’ to produce food. This is probably an example of the thinking gap between’ brain’ and body cells
Lin found that many creatures are interested in things with bad cells, which has a lot to do with the brain. There are quite a few secrets in Lin’s discovery that deserve further study.
However, because there are few opportunities to eat barbecues at ordinary times, the head worms are less likely to be killed by infected cells, so there is nothing wrong with their bodies now. Even if the betrayed cells multiply successfully, Lin will help them kill those things. It is too simple.
Now the boat is full of brain worms. Lin put a display in the boat. Brain worms keep communicating.
"flight start"
Accompanied by the excitement of brain worms, the huge rock boat with broken ropes finally rose to high school!
Although the brain worm doesn’t lie down outside the boat, it can feel the air flow outside through the arms outside the boat, which makes it feel excited, but even so, the brain worm doesn’t make the sound of anger.
The rock boat rose to a height of several hundred meters and stopped at a position which is also the height of rocks and clods in most floating islands.
Now the problem faced by the brain worm is to let the boat move.