Li Xiuning sighed. She knew that Yangmei, though seemingly weak, had a stronger personality than others. If she forced her, she might really commit suicide. Besides, although she thought Yin Yuyi was good, she always felt that this person was young, but sometimes it seemed very gloomy. It was always very uncomfortable for Shu Yangmei to be bullied if she married him.

"Get up and I’ll ask you what you mean. It’s not true. What are you doing on your knees if you don’t want to? "Li Xiuning said to pull Yang Mei up.
Fang De has been waiting for two days. Several beggars guard the city gates, hotels and other places at any time to give the news to Fang De. Fang De keeps looking around while drinking bitter fruit wine. Because Li Yuan occupied the middle and later lacked food, he successively reached several orders to prohibit people from brewing wine, and later confiscated brewing equipment.
Although Fang De seems to be carefree, actually, it’s already dusk, and more diners are coming into the wine shop. One is to dress up. Han Fang De has seen him several times.
Behind him is a businessman who looks unfamiliar. Behind the businessman is a brother and sister or husband and wife Fang De. Several people look at him. Finally, the businessman stops. This is a typical businessman dressed in thick black and wearing a hat to cover his face.
The businessman went to the second floor and ordered a few side dishes, so he poured himself and drank himself. Fang De saw that he had taken out the lily and explored it in the food before he could rest assured to eat.
Fang De suddenly smiled, and he ate silently until the businessman went downstairs and watched him take out the copper coin, pay the bill and hurried out. Fang De narrowed his eyes and he slowly walked to the second floor.
Just out of the pub, a beggar came in a hurry and whispered something. Fang De sneered. It turned out to be him. Although he was dressed as a businessman, he didn’t look like a businessman, nor did he look like a philistine. He just paid the bill and gave it to a smaller one. He didn’t look like a businessman.
The beggar’s words made Fang De even more sure that he accelerated his pace and ran towards the merchant’s south.
It was Li Zhongyu, the businessman, who was told by Yunyang that Cao Zhan Jun of Wugong County had made some preparations in a hurry. After that, Zhan Jun went to Fufeng County via Xiao to Jincheng, and he was going to recruit Hechi County from Chencang South.
It’s a good idea for Li Zhongyu to disguise himself as a businessman in Nanhechi County, but he was stared at by the Royal Guards as soon as he got out of Chang ‘an, and Fang De had been waiting for him for a long time.
Fang De stared at Li Zhongyu from a distance, wondering how to kill him there. At this moment, Li Zhongyu suddenly stopped in front, and a child appeared not far from Li Zhongyu.
As he ran, the child looked back at a woman chasing behind him and kept shouting, Li Zhongyu looked at women and children warily. He had to be vigilant in this line of work.
The child ran and suddenly fell and touched his head. He cried and hugged the child in front of the woman, comforting Li Zhongyu with a sigh of relief. He was about to step and suddenly hurried behind him.
He looked back in dismay and saw a man in a felt hat running towards him. The distance between him was less than two feet. At this moment, Fang De went straight to Li Zhongyu’s throat with darts of cutting, and Li Zhongyu didn’t escape from his chest.
Li Zhongyu was about to cry out in pain. Fang De had covered his mouth with his left hand, and with the other hand, he shook a dagger and fell into the palm of his hand. Fang De was rude. The dagger was stabbed in Li Zhongyu’s lower abdomen for several times. Li Zhongyu resisted more air intake and less air output, and his life was lost.
Fang De stretched out his hand and picked up the package of Li Zhong’s body, and when he dug it out in his arms, he left halfway and dropped a drop of money. When several beggars saw this scene, they came to rob the money one after another. When the woman with the child saw someone killed, she immediately exclaimed and fled with the child.
Hechi county
Xue Lu is a nephew of Xue Ju, who is twenty-five years old. He is a member of the Xue clan. Everyone is gentle and treats the people. For example, since Xue Ju took Hechi County, he has been ordered to be the prefect of Hechi County.
After guarding this place, Xue Lu was very conscientious. He collected refugees and encouraged the people to open up wasteland to build water conservancy projects. Over the past year, he has made great achievements. Everything he did was praised by the people and Xue Ju also praised him greatly.
At this time, he was pacing in the main room. Because Hechi County is close to the Qinling Mountains and there is a little plain in Fengxian County, it is precisely because of the mountainous area and sparsely populated Hechi County. The important thing is that it can send troops to help the wind and Tianshui is a battleground for military strategists.
At this time, Xue Lu already knew the original result of shallow water. He thought about the future. Xue Ju was dead. Xue Renguo was caught. The theory must be beheaded by Li. What should I do in the future? There are three ways for him.
First, abandon the official position and find a remote place to live a plain life. This road is relatively stable, and you must be willing to give up your glory at this time.
The second is to surrender Tang gaozu, but in theory, surrendering Tang gaozu may be beheaded, so it is not appropriate.
There is only a third way left, that is, to take refuge in the Great Sui Dynasty and to take refuge in the generation of Wang Yang Gang. But when the Western Qin Dynasty slaughtered the Great Sui Dynasty in Jingzhao County, would Yang You let the Xue family go?
Xue Lu is not sure that he knows that Wei Xuan and Yuan Mai are dead. Can Yang You save his life if he surrenders?
While he was hesitating in his room, the housekeeper came to tell him, "Master Jin Wang is here!"
The king of Jin is Xue Renyue. What’s the important thing for him to come here? Xue Lu raised his hand in a daze and said, "Go and pick up the king of Jin!"
Chapter 2 Raiders [6]
The autumn wind rolled over the high platform of Li Yuan in Chang ‘an. At this time, he was wearing a dragon robe and a soaring crown, and his face was beaming.
Behind the ministers were Li Jiancheng, Li Shimin, Li Zhiyun, Pei Ji, Tang Jian, Liu Wenjing and other important officials. Although Pei Ji was beaming, he couldn’t help smiling when he saw a proud Liu Wenjing.
Liu Wenjing was a little startled. He didn’t expect Pei Ji to put on a smelly face on such a day. Immediately, he also sneered at a sleeve robe and threw it away.
At this time, the etiquette supervisor eunuch said, "It’s auspicious to worship the heavens and the earth!"
Tang gaozu heard that he knelt down and lifted a eunuch, handed a three-column fragrance, and Tang gaozu took it and made several obeisances toward the sky, saying, "Taiqing Shengjun, please bless Li Sun’s prosperity and unify the whole day. Taiqing Shengjun temples are all over the day and enjoy incense forever."
Taiqing Shengjun is Lao, the ancestor of Li Li Er in Longxi, Li Er.
Worship a few times, Tang gaozu muttered again. At this moment, a Tsing Yi man came in a hurry. It was Li Jiancheng confidant Wen Yang who looked at Li Jiancheng in the distance.
Li Jiancheng governs the "tang style" intelligence organization. It was Li Jiancheng, the commander-in-chief of Wen Yang, who was surprised when he saw Yang Wengan. He knew that Yang Wengan must have something important to come to him. He slowly withdrew and walked beside Yang Wengan and whispered, "Come with me!"
When they got to a quiet place, Li Jiancheng frowned together and said, "What can I do for you?"
Yang Wengan whispered, "It’s a big deal. Sui Jun has occupied Tianshui County!"
"Silk!" Li Shimin gasped. He looked at Wen Yang Road with disbelief. "When did this happen?"
"Five days ago!" Wen Yang trunk road
Five days ago, it was Li Shimin’s big Xue Renguo Day, which was not too coincidental! Li Jiancheng asked, "Is it true?" He thinks it is still very impossible.
"It’s true. From various situations, Sui Jun looked through the mountains, killed Tianshui from Tanchang County, and unexpectedly entered the city to capture Xue Renyue alive," Yang Wengan said.
Li Jiancheng thoughtfully didn’t notice that Li Shimin was pacing aside, and Li Shimin stepped aside because Yin Yuyi came and whispered in his ear, "Qin Gongyi has reliable information that Li Zhongyu was killed in Chencang County."
"What is this?" Li Shimin frown.
"Killing others and taking away money seems to have taken a fancy to Li Zhongyu’s money." Yin Yuyi said that in fact, he didn’t believe that it was suspected by the Royal Guards, but he didn’t see the body in person to judge.
"I’ll tell my father when this matter is over!" At the same time, Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin said.
The words sound just fell and they saw a cavalry running in the distance. He rode a horse and told Gao, "Report! There is a military situation! "
It’s very loud. It’s gone with the wind. Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin all frown. What’s the news at this time? Isn’t this a hindrance? At this moment, Tang gaozu just got up and heard the soldier’s voice smiling. Is it Li Zhongyu’s news?
"Don’t retreat if you are bold!" Pei Ji cold tunnel
"Let him in!" Tang gaozu ha ha smiled and left the high platform to worship the heavens and the earth. The next step is to go to the ancestral temple to pay homage to the ancestors, but after listening to the good news, you can report to the ancestors.
The soldier hesitated, but the king of Tang should be able to command him at this time. How dare he disobey? He jumped on his horse and knelt down in the tunnel. "A few days ago, Qu Tutong led his troops to take Tianshui, and the day before yesterday, Sang Xianhe succeeded in raiding the earthquake. Zhai Changsun died in Shi Danai and surrendered to the earthquake, which has fallen into the hands of Sui Jun!"
The soldier’s words thumped Tang gaozu’s heart like a heavy hammer. Then he froze, and his face kept shaking. He slowly raised his head and looked at the distant west. Suddenly, his head held high and his blood gushed out.
He spent a lot of money and caught Xue Renguo. Unexpectedly, Sui Jun made a wedding dress! And the earthquake also fell! This is waiting for tragedy!
Seeing Li Yuan vomiting blood, Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin exclaimed, "Dad!" Hold Tang gaozu before qi qi.
The ministers looked at each other. No one thought that the good day would be messed up by such a "good" news. As Tang gaozu was helped into the carriage by the Li Jiancheng brothers, the ministers sighed and left Bailuyuan and walked towards Chang ‘an.
An hour later, Tang gaozu was sent to the palace. At this time, the nominal little emperor Qin Yang had been taken up. Tang gaozu had been admitted to the palace two days ago. After receiving the news, Tang gaozu got up and walked away for a moment.