I’m afraid they wouldn’t have surfaced so soon if the treasure wasn’t too important, "Cloros analyzed."

"well! I’m afraid the other side’s scientific and technological strength will never be ours from the fact that they can defeat Caron with only one warship and have the ability to control Leviathan in turn!
But since you dare to reach out to us, you have to leave your claws! "Shadow sneer at one.
Although the broken star domain strength loss even the dark temple had to retreat to his base and did not dare to move.
However, it is still not difficult for their huge forces to pull some reinforcements from nearby star fields to extinguish a ghost pirate group.
It is only one o’clock for him to mobilize enough external forces to intervene in the broken star field.
The important thing is that those two people must die! The treasure must also be taken back!
"Adults, please rest assured that they won’t be proud for long. The illusionist has successfully infiltrated. If everything goes well, I believe there will be good news soon."
Hear the words "illusionist" shadow smiled and nodded "well! I naturally feel at ease about your action planning ability. What is the current situation of the Locke consortium? "
Crowe Ross smell speech embarrassed coughed a.
"Cough! The situation is not very good. At present, I am leading the fleet to pay off and come to pick up the cheap pirate Kinloch. That guy is furious at the failure of this plan and is now putting pressure on me … "
The Locke consortium suffered heavy losses this time, and the fleet lost more than half of it. The pirates took turns to brush the industrial facilities in the occupied areas, and the wealth was greatly reduced. The stock price was even worse.
Even the caravan and companies robbed because of their detention have demanded compensation from the Locke consortium. The point is that Kinlock can’t afford to lose money if he wants to continue doing business with them!
The consortium flag property insurance company has lost everything, with almost one shell left.
After this battle, Locke’s consortium was instantly turned into a dirty one from the third-rate forces of the empire.
It is conservatively estimated that if you want to recover completely, you can’t expect it for more than ten years.
Kinloch, who suffered such a heavy loss, did not shoot Cloros on the spot, but he restrained himself. It is conceivable that Cloros is now in a situation.
"Well … your identity, after all, can’t be placed in front of Jin Luoke. That guy still has some places to hold him first.
I will allocate a sum of money as soon as possible to inject Locke consortium warships and all kinds of weapons and equipment, and will also support you from its star field as soon as possible to help you quickly recover your strength. "
Although the gold coin pirate group was destroyed, they lost a big source of funds, but the second emperor will be short of money?
"Thank you, my Lord!" Cloross was relieved.
Although the original broken star raiders were damaged by Yun Nie, they would be stillborn directly, but they still don’t look at this loss
Since the strength is not enough, adjust more strength and do it again! Drop ten times with one strength! This is the strength of great power.
"well! It will be my pilgrimage day soon after the calculation. You should restore your strength and improve your plan as soon as possible. When I return, the Ghost Pirates will be destroyed! "
Hear the word "pilgrimage" Crowe Ross look more disguised terms "is! My Lord! "
But soon he seemed to think of something to say. "Adult Locke consortium has rear support, which is naturally a danger of self-preservation, but I’m afraid it won’t be able to mobilize many troops in a short time. If you are an adult …"
"If what? Are you worried that they will unite to deal with me first while we are weak? "
Shadow immediately white Crowe Ross meaning but he is ha ha a smile.
"Ha ha! I know exactly what Flint’s people are thinking. Now the Ghost Pirates have soared in popularity, and some of Kalong’s old troops have been incorporated. The Red Dragon and the Dragon Cavalry are ambiguous, and there are faint signs of the first major power in the broken star domain.
Flint would be stupid to know that the broken star field can’t live without me now!
If they really want to attack me, Flint will definitely be the first to come out against me, and I hope they will fight for it themselves. "
Shadow words with sarcasm obviously don’t like these pirate leaders who know this acre of intrigue.
Cloross just wanted to say something, but at this moment, a confidant of Shadow suddenly came in with a bright face.
"God made adult good news! Not long ago, I just received news that there was a sudden conflict outside the broken stars of several major pirate groups. It seems that they are facing each other and they are almost fighting! "
Shadow and Crowe Ross one leng at the same time.
How can these pirates be right if they don’t hurry back to digest the plunder?
Is it because someone is jealous of other families and wants to eat black?
"oh! What do you think I said? " Shadow to react after revealing a face of disdain sneer at.
If these Uzbeks could be heartbroken, the star domain would have been unified!
At this moment, another confidant trotted in full head and sweat, but he looked scared.
"God made adults bad … bad! The six pirate fleets are coming! "
Shadow "…"
Cloross "…"
The atmosphere at the scene was suddenly awkward.
I just had a well-founded analysis and contempt, and I was slapped in the face by reality for a second.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-nine Get out!
"What’s the matter? What do you mean, the six pirates have come? " Shadow seized the confidant by the collar.
"Belong to … also don’t know that we just received the news that they broke out outside the broken star domain and were confronting each other, but then I didn’t know what happened. They suddenly took action and rushed towards our base as soon as they entered the broken star domain!
God makes adults come to bad places. We need to prepare early! "confidant full head big sweat way
What’s the point of getting ready early? You’re telling me to get out of here!
Stupid people can see that six is one. Do they have a chance to win?
Shadow lost confidant collar face indecision.
This scene … deja vu …
The second is that Ssangyong and black sails’s camp turned their heads in such a confrontation and put out the gold coins without saying anything.
This time it’s another confrontation and then it’s my turn to join forces.