Without saying anything, I took Shang from the Ministry of Industry. Do you really think of yourself as everyone and these people are everyone?

You’re beating a dog, but it depends on whether the master will take him seriously now. Who’s in charge in this Lin’ an city after this? Who is in charge of this Jiangnan country?
And how many people are willing to stop doing this? Are you trying to make me army of one?
Although Shen should not say anything to these bureaucrats asking for trouble, he also feels that it is not a matter to do so, not to mention how many administrative officials have been taken. Do you want to do this administrative worker in Jiangnan?
So Shen should decide to discuss this matter with Zhang Yun and Jiang Chengyue, the head of China’s judicial team and the head of Dali Temple.
He is smiling and coming over with a pot of good wine, mainly inviting Jiang Chengyue to dinner, and then Zhang Yun is doing a little drinking while thinking about exploring the bottom and asking the country to what extent it is going to do this.
If this matter is really to be thoroughly investigated, Shen should think that it is possible for Lin’ an city bureaucrats to get less than a quarter or a third.
Lin’ an city bureaucracy is a virtue he should know best.
He personally asked Jiang Chengyue how long he planned to stay when he came to Lin ‘an. Did he want to play, eat and drink? He could satisfy it. It was not easy to take a trip to the south. He could also arrange it if he wanted to take it back to Jiangnan.
Jiang Chengyue has been in charge of Dali Temple for several years, and Zhongdu is also a big name. One Kong Maojie and Shen Ge are equally famous in the three-year and four-year purges of Hongwu, and Su Yonglin relied heavily on them.
He has examined many corrupt officials, and he has a profound understanding of bureaucrats. He will know what Shen should mean when he smiles and folds his face.
"Shen" xianggong "don’t say so euphemistically want to marching orders, just say it out directly and have to go around and buy me a gift? Come on, if I accept your gift, I’m afraid I’ll take the wooden cangue iron rope and go back in the prison car. "
Jiang Chengyue smiled and finished drinking the wine in the cup, stretched out chopsticks and put a piece of meat in his mouth to chew, and then smiled. "Shen Xianggong even wanted to ask me to what extent I intend to stop, right? Is there too many people who have put pressure on Shen Xianggong recently? Shen Xianggong can’t stand it? "
Chapter 1214 Jiangnan to linan?
Shen shouldn’t like this guy who say things so thoroughly and feels got.
However, I have to admit that Jiang Chengyue looks like he is at most thirty years old, but it gives him a very tough feeling that he is almost the same as two people.
Are all the senior officials in the country so skilled and strong?
No wonder Su Yonglin was able to overthrow Xu Jin in three years.
However, Su Yonglin’s team started at the end of the grass. How can there be so many competent officials around him?
Are they all born with mud legs and raised by themselves?
Shen should settle his mind and squeeze out a smile.
"Jiang Zhengqing is really quick-witted. This … now that we’re here, we won’t beat around the bush. Jiang Zhengqing should know some statements outside Lin ‘an these days, right? This is, after all, whether it’s a little … "
Zhang Yun looked at Jiang Chengyue without talking.
Jiang Chengyue smiled after hearing Shen’s words.
"Shen Xianggong knows that I have participated in the trial of Emperor Xu Jin Guo and the royal family. Later, I personally took three Shang-level officials and sentenced six Shang-level and assistant-level officials to death. In addition, I also participated in the trial of more than 20 members of the royal family. I was the presiding judge."
Shen should face a stiff.
Boy, I’m afraid there are not many people in this resume for 5 thousand years
"I really don’t think it’s very important that Zhao Gou and Zhao Shen are still such a small Ministry."
Jiang Chengyue stood up and poured a glass of wine for Shen Ying. "Shen Xianggong should know that Chengdu Puppet Chao Da and Lin ‘an Imperial Court are sworn enemies. If the sworn enemies are not completely eliminated and eradicated, I don’t know whether Shen Xianggong is in charge or he is in charge of Zhao."
Shen should laugh out of the corner of his eye.
"Chiang Ching-ching is right … it’s really enlightening …"
"I said that there is a judgment in Shen Xianggong’s heart, but I want to tell Shen Xianggong that it is Shen Xianggong’s big office and the big garrison outside the city. How many Shen Xianggong has played should be clear."
Shen should be loud and clear, of course. Zhang Wei said this to him.
However, he is somewhat unwilling to accept this fact from the bottom of his heart, and he always feels that he can still be a hero.
Now Jiang Chengyue talks about this matter before him, and he feels a little angry and uncomfortable.
"War criminals have no credit and hard work Jiang Zhengqing this? Is the situation in Jiangnan still struggling to support it? "
Jiang Chengyue recognized the dissatisfaction in Shen’s words, and he decided to crush Shen’s insignificant little resistance completely.
"Before I set out, Shen Xianggong took my hand and told me that Jiangnan is safe and peaceful, and that people in the countryside will feel very comfortable when they arrive in Jiangnan. As the saying goes, the river is as green as blue in the sunrise and the river is as green as blue in the spring … what about coming to Lin ‘an in such a beautiful place?"
Don’t you like to play around?
Then I’ll play with you to the end
Do you understand what I’m saying?
Jiang Chengyue said a word, but after listening to a burst of surprise, he directly looked at Shen, who should stare at Jiang Chengyue with an incredible face.
"This …"
"Jiangnan countries Since Jiangnan countries are already Jiangnan countries, how to listen to and feel uncomfortable about leaving another [Lin ‘an] country will make you feel that Jiangnan countries are still restless and don’t want to just be Jiangnan countries … but also want to be Jiangbei countries?"
Jiang Chengyue picked up a very elastic fish ball and sent it to his mouth. Meimei chewed it and looked at Shen.
Shen should have opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something. He hesitated and didn’t say it. For another moment, he seemed to finally realize something.
"Jiang Zhengqing Jiangnan country is loyal to the great!"
"Are you? Then why should we temporarily settle in Hangzhou? "