But it’s just that Fan Chou should tell Niu Fu’s mind. Seeing a crowd staring at himself, Niu Fu stood up and said, "Who said that I want to be the commander in chief of everyone, but the father-in-law has developed a little bit. Now that the father-in-law has fallen, the west cool army must choose a commander in chief, and this commander can be the father-in-law’s descendants."

With that, Niu Fu looked up at everyone with a guilty look and said, "How can it be said that Niu is wrong?"
I never thought that Niu Fu would have such a remark. Suddenly, everyone looked at me and I looked at you. Everyone kept silent.
If Dong Zhuo’s descendants are really surprised, they will be absolutely brilliant. It’s all right if everyone supports the military leader of Xiliang. The key is Dong Zhuosi’s middle root, so there is nothing to make, let alone having enough prestige to intimidate the commander-in-chief of Xiliang’s remnant army.
Marotta sighed with the wave, "You just say which male do you want to support?"
At Marotta, Niu Fu said, "Sangong’s temperament is mellow and quite powerful, but his father-in-law is the best heir …"
When they heard it, they all looked at Niu Fu, and their eyes became strange. If you don’t know the three fairs in Niu Fu’s mouth, it’s just a child who has just been ten and a half years old. It’s better to say that Niu Fu wants to take over the remains of the West Cool Army under the banner of the three fairs.
A cold hum now has the largest number of people-Fan Chou gave Niu Fu a white look and said, "I don’t agree!"
Niu Fu couldn’t help but hurry. "You … your father-in-law is not far away. Do you want to betray Xiliang Army?"
Fan Chou couldn’t help sneering when he heard this. "It’s all right if you concentrate on public speaking, but what’s your mind? Don’t everyone know? Don’t be stupid if you are smart!"
At this moment, Zhang Ji also stated that "Zhang also refused!"
It’s good that Zhang Ji and Fan Chou probably add up to more than 90% of the soldiers who escaped from the West Cool Army. The so-called West Cool Army Master is naturally a joke if they don’t promise.
Said munford looked at sitting there with a face of self-effacing Marotta slightly handing a ritual, "Wen gives priority to giving birth to you who have always been resourceful. Now everyone is going to ask Mr. Wang to show us a way."
Everyone is more willing to believe Marotta, a resourceful man, than ambitious Niu Fu.
After all, Marotta’s army is not in charge of military forces. It is always Dong Zhuo’s strategist who gives advice. Everyone knows that Marotta’s ability would rather believe Marotta than Niu Fu at the moment.
With Dong Zhuo’s son-in-law, Marotta, Niu Fu, one article and one skill, people are showing two completely different attitudes at the moment.
Niu Fu said, pointing to the crowd, "You …"
However, none of them paid attention to Niu Fu but looked at Marotta.
Marotta’s eyes swept from a crowd and thoughtfully said, "I have two strategies for everyone."
Everyone can be said to be at a loss at the moment, but they are even more confused about the road ahead, but I didn’t expect Marotta to give you two suggestions
People looked at Marotta with a jolt of spirit and said, "Please speak quickly, sir!"
Marotta smoothed her beard and said, "One is that everyone immediately lights up the military forces and returns to Xiliang all the way, and then the court implores the court to accept a view of Chu Yi, which will not kill everyone with an open hand."
Although they looked at each other with some reluctance, they had to admit that Marotta’s strategy was indeed a life-saving one, which was to let them choose to yield to Chu Yi, who had been after them not long ago.
Looking at everyone’s reaction, Marotta added, "Second, your generals have defected to Yuan Chu!"
If they can accept the first strategy, then Marotta’s second strategy is simply beyond their imagination
Even in a dream, no one thought Marotta would suggest that they go to Yuan Shao.
For Yuan Shao, it is natural for everyone to know that he is a man of the hour, who was born in the IV Sangong Yuan clan and has a handsome youth in today’s days.
But asking them to take refuge in Lombardi is even more uncomfortable.
Marotta said slowly, "I have been hit hard since the foundation of the Yellow turban insurrectionary chaos. The first emperor and the animal husbandry system in Daxing State have buried a great chaos. Now the imperial court is weak and insufficient to suppress the chaos scattered by all parties, that is, Yuan Chu may not be able to take advantage of the situation and fly for nine days …"
After listening to Marotta, there was a silence, and they had to admit that Marotta made sense.
Slowly got up and Marotta walked out of the camp and said, "Let’s stop here and choose from you."
Marotta disappeared from the army, but there was silence in the camp. Obviously, all the generals were considering going from their future.
Not far away, the noise of the troops was exactly what Yuan Shao suggested: retreat first and ride in Bingzhou.
The scene of the collapse of the West Cool Army was naturally discovered by Ding Yuan and Yuan Shao. When they saw the sad scene of the defeat of the West Cool Army, their hearts were naturally sorrowful.
After all, they are also responsible for the defeat of Xiliang Army. If they could do their best to help Xiliang Army at that time, even if they were defeated, they would not be so miserable.
But Ding Yuan looked at Yuan Shaodao with a face of appreciation at the moment. "This time, if it weren’t for the early words, maybe I’ll be hit hard by Bing Jingqi. I don’t know if I can hope our army at the beginning …"
Lombardi heard Ding Yuan attract heart is not a conation, but soon dismissed the mind thoughts toward Ding Yuan slightly shook his head and a face of primly toward Ding Yuan way "also please honor Burke adult kindness salt can understand"
Looking at Yuan Shao with surprise, Yuan Shao solemnly said, "Today, from listening to eunuchs, Yuan Mou should hold high the banner of Qing Jun in the behest of the general to eradicate eunuchs in the imperial court and return them to Lang Lang Gan Kun."
Ding Yuan smell speech a full face of amazing color praised "good ambition at the beginning of a".
Yuan Shao’s face lit up a bit, saying, "If there are adults to help, Shao will have the confidence to call on people with lofty ideals to rise up against Chu thieves."
Ding Yuan smoothed her beard and laughed. "If you can get less Ding Mou in such a grand event."
Ding Yuan looked forward to seeing Yuan Shaodao. "I don’t know what to do at the beginning?"
Yuan Shao smiled slightly. "My Lord, don’t forget that there is still a trump card in our army. If we say that this trump card is good, we will have the same righteousness and birthright!"
Ding Yuan’s eyes lit up and said, "Is it that Chen Liuwang at the beginning?"
Lombardi nodded. "Good. It’s strange that the Chu thief miscalculated Lu Buzhi and helped us bring out the king Chen Liu. Now that he has the hand of the king Chen Liu, we can naturally make an issue of Chen Liuwang."
With this, Yuan Shao’s eyes flashed with a stern look. "Take a step back, we can report to the Qingjun side under the banner of King Chen Liu, and we can directly beat the puppet emperor in the capital under the command of King Chen Liu Xin Jun!"
After hearing what Lombardi said, Ding Yuan couldn’t help looking at Kan Kan in horror and talking about Lombardi. Obviously, he didn’t expect Lombardi to be so bold.
After all, Liu Bian is justified by his ministers as today’s God, but according to Yuan Shao, it is necessary to set up a new monarch another day. If this is the case, I am afraid that the big fellow dynasty will never be respected again.
It can be said that if you have ulterior motives, you can follow Yuan Shaoju’s example and choose a Liu royal family at random to play the banner of heaven.
Ding Yuan is still quite loyal to the big fellow. Naturally, he is also somewhat loyal to Liu Bian today. He looked at Yuan Shaodao with hesitation. "Never do this at the beginning!"
Lombardi’s reaction to Ding Yuan is not surprising. He smiled slightly. "Of course, that’s just the worst case. If nothing unexpected happens, all kinds of governors and people with lofty ideals will respond to our call to break through the capital, eradicate Chu thieves and save the thief."
Ding Yuan this just a little peace of mind some way "if so, it would be great and don’t talk nonsense to set up a new gentleman! This is a big rebellion! "