In the dark, Xiao Mu Jie smiled strangely, and with a wave of his wrist, the black palm print struck the back of Grandfather Sheng Miao again.

This time, grandpa knew that gold silkworm had been fettered by something and dared not neglect his mouth and spit out the box with a black blood.
Thirteen corpse mountains came to life instantly, and the trees shook in unison. Thirteen tall seedling warriors broke in unison, and a human wall was formed behind the seedling grandfather and crashed into the black palm of the small shepherd in the dark.
Boom, one or five Shengmiao warriors were defeated, but there was still a Shengmiao warrior with various weapons in his hand. After a few steps back, Shengmiao Grandpa growled at the black sun and the small shepherd behind him.
I don’t know how long the ruling king can stop the ruling gold silkworm. In the dark, Xiaomugen won’t leave his hand, and he is absolutely not allowed to finish the altar prayer ceremony. The body is in a flash, and it is powerful and powerful. The bronze altar ground rushes up with dark stingers like javelins, and the seedlings are shot away in all directions.
His body also turned into a black smoke and followed the stinger into the box.
Grandfather, who is born with seedlings, is ready to strain his arms, and the sea of blood is surging in all directions, and small grazing and stingers are soaring in the dark.
War exhibition
A series of explosions and a series of attacks made Sun Hao have a feeling of being dizzying. Two great powers struggled with each other, and air billow and conan the destroyer were huge. Even Sun Hao would have been blown far away by air billow if the bronze altar had not been protected by strange laws.
But now with the war going on, Sun Hao feels that he even has to make moves.
Black Sun Xiaomu plans all kinds of strategies. It is important to have a high-born seedling. Grandpa’s strongest prayer has been interrupted. If he doesn’t help him, Black Sun Xiaomu will soon have an advantage.
Of course, before Sun Hao made moves, it was Grandfather’s strange prayer that was completely interrupted.
Just like the judgment of Heiri Xiaomu, Sun Hao feels that once the prayer of the grandfather bronze altar is successful, it will be serious and cannot be prevented.
Grandfather’s body was forced to fly with one leg again in the boom explosion, and Sun Hao knelt down with blood in his mouth not far away.
The prayer in the mouth was interrupted.
Black Sun Xiaomu flew with a strange smile in front of the box, and Scorpio’s huge pliers increased their strength to completely suppress the big box and fell to the bronze altar.
Grandfather unwillingly looked at gold silkworm’s mouth, which was still entangled in poison, and asked, "How did you do that? I don’t know if there are any poisons in this world that can hold the poisonous gold silkworm! "
Face occupied the wind interrupted the seedling grandfather prayer firmly suppressed the bronze altar, black sun, small shepherd’s ambition, full of victory, holding his face and showing a little smile. "I am a grass poison poison, but are you just a seedling family to ponder?" Jie Jie, I just wrapped the aphrodisiac toxin in Scorpio’s mind. I want to think that at this moment, your poisonous king is lingering with Scorpio’s mind, but it will not get away for a while! "
Grandfather spent a stay in his mouth and said, "Scorpio was attracted to the attention of gold silkworm, and then aphrodisiac toxin accelerated the fusion of gold silkworm, and Scorpio was caught in evolution. It was really a good idea. Hahahaha grass poison poison poison was really not very learned …"
Black Sun Xiaomu Jie Jie strange smile "Don’t worry, I will help gold silkworm once I finish the refining of the square box, so that he can completely absorb the soul of ruling and evolve into a world-destroying gold silkworm. I really have to thank you for giving me a birth to Miao clan, which will cultivate a world-destroying gold silkworm Jie Jie …"
Grandfather is unwilling to get up in advance.
In the strange smile of a small shepherd in the dark sun, a handprint plays a square box to give birth to a seedling, and my grandfather’s body suddenly shakes, and he can’t help but shake like a pendulum.
Black Sun Xiaomu Jie Jie smiled all over the blood. "Jie Jie, I have mastered the box, that is, I have controlled your lifeline. Now you can watch me accept gold silkworm and be able to do it. Jie Jie, I will take gold silkworm and cook you well …"
When the bronze altar has finished mastering itself and needs a little, completely control the bronze square box, which is considered as a success.
Destroy gold silkworm! Quack quack gold silkworm!
Black Sun Xiaomu felt that his dream was to laugh and turn around and fly away. He said proudly in his mouth, "Who can resist the rise of black Sun Xiaomu today and now? My grass poison people will surely shock all families in the hands of black Sun Xiaomu …"
Before I finished, the bronze altar exploded with a loud noise. Scorpio suddenly flew backwards to the middle and went to the big pliers to loosen the suppression of the bronze box.
After a stay in the dark, Xiao Mu found that the bronze box had been suspended again.
A huge avatar with three heads and six arms once again attacked Scorpio with a fist.
Eyes suddenly looked at the bronze altar, the ground was dark, the little shepherd’s dark eyes looked at the hands and feet, and Sun Hao lay motionless.
With the eyes of a small black shepherd, Sun Hao’s body shook slightly and stretched out to grow again. Slowly facing the small black shepherd, he flew up and said, "Sorry to interrupt. I think the grass poison people are too cruel to control the extinction of gold silkworm. Can you change your master …"
The ghost of the original real death actually interrupted his own good deeds at the key moment. In the dark, Xiaomu had a strong IQ suppressed and the good deeds were destroyed. Angry emotions broke out in his mouth. "Let’s shoot geese all day long and be pecked by geese today …" ~~
Chapter DiYiWuQi Destroy the world gold silkworm
Sun Haopiao suddenly did not answer the question of Heiri Xiaomu. Instead, he turned to Grandpa with a smile and asked, "Daoyou, what do we need to do now?"
Grandfather’s body is back to normal with a surprised look on his face. He said, "Simply ask you to entangle the grass poison man so that he can’t refine the bronze square box as he wishes. If you want gold silkworm to get rid of all the problems, all the problems will be solved."
Scorpio growled in the sky and collided with Sun Hao’s modeling with three heads and six arms. It was a close match, but it was impossible to suppress the bronze box.
Sun Hao nodded and said white.
Heiri Xiaomu hey hey smiled. "I don’t care to tell you if you look around at the dead mountain and bloody sea. My grandfather is a young man’s resentment and anger, which has been condensed for thousands of years, that is, the real ghosts and evil spirits. Hey hey, once you interfere with a good thing, let the ghosts master the extinction. gold silkworm was born and the consequences are unimaginable. What should you do? You have to think clearly …"
Mouth spit out a few words you have to think clearly, and Sun Hao’s body is inexplicably slightly stiff, with a huge sense of paralysis and a sense of freezing.
Black day little shepherd hey hey smiled and the dark palm broke and flew to Sun Hao with a hard slap.
The foundation of the friar method is still the friar body. When the two combined friars are deadlocked, the physical strength becomes the key.
Sun Hao is not distracted in the knowledge of the small priest in the dark sun. Although he thinks that Sun Hao may have hidden the true cultivation, the grass poison people are best at fighting alone and eating their opponents to death. He really doesn’t believe that the ghost in front of him is small enough to resist himself.
Sure enough, I was poisoned by myself in the past, and I was inevitably poisoned by myself on the spot.
The time has come to destroy the enemy, and Xiao Mu clapped his hands in the dark.
Grandfather shouted "Be careful, Taoist friends"
Sun Hao’s face showed a faint smile, and the golden light flashed, and his body was slightly shaken with one hand.
Like shaking off sewage, Sun Hao shook off a very obscure layer of black fog around his body, and the golden awn flashed with one hand and hit the black palm print of the black day shepherd.
In the explosion, Sun Hao’s body shook slightly and firmly, and a golden body with a height of ten feet appeared behind the bronze ground.
In the dark, the little shepherd attacked with one hand and was defeated. More importantly, the poison was actually forced out. My heart was suddenly shocked. I took a look at Sun Hao’s back and gasped. I couldn’t help but exclaim, "You can’t cultivate a golden body. You are definitely not a ghost. Who are you?"
Starting from the root of ghost entity refining body