If there is anything wrong in the process of District 13, it is that we underestimated the hostility of aliens to us and were lured by advanced technology and did not choose to destroy it immediately … I am very sorry about this! "

The minister of national defense seems to be very satisfied with the warden’s remarks. "I read the incident report. Is it wrong for you? There is nothing wrong with your practice. On the contrary, you should be rewarded for finally solving the bomb at the last minute!"
Everyone looked at each other, although it seemed reasonable, but the bias was not too obvious, was it? Don’t forget that you are the head of the military! Is it that two people are having an affair?
The warden himself seems to be a little surprised and can’t help but look at the defense minister gratefully.
"Ahem! I think what the district chief said just now is very reasonable. This crisis is caused by the backwardness of military equipment and military science and technology, which proves the necessity of strengthening our military strength urgently!
It is urgent for you to increase your military support! "The defense minister swept the eye seat, and the meaning of several members was white.
Everyone "…"
Nimei! No wonder you just deliberately belittled the military! Is it so fast to enter the role just one day?
Just then, I saw myself being roasted by the fire for fear of being set on fire by the new official, and the head of intelligence also came out.
"Minister cabinet, although our intelligence department can’t catch behind the scenes for a short time, it’s not a gain!
Although the speed and scale of this parade exceeded our expectations, it is not surprising that according to the assessment of our intelligence experts and psychologists, there will be a joint confrontation with aliens abroad after the doomsday crisis.
However, the effect of public opinion on such a scale in the world is not caused by a single force!
There is another important factor that is the cause of all this! "
"oh? What is it? " The defense minister asked strange way
"It’s Mr. Albert’s speech!"
"hmm? Oh … so that’s it! " There is no fool, and everyone is suddenly.
Without Albert’s manifesto full of provocative war, I’m afraid people’s mood can’t find such a definite vent target and their enthusiasm for fighting will not be so high!
"What do you mean?"
w w w
"I think the people behind this incident should be the same force as tampering with our press conference speech! This is an organized and premeditated public opinion war! "
"So … do you have any suspects in your intelligence department?"
"yes! The other party can tamper with our confidential channel to output files, which means that their intrusion ability is very strong!
From some clues in the incident, it is speculated that the driving force behind it is probably not the conventional way such as financial support to promote demonstrations and public opinion, but the Internet to guide the formation of a series!
From these two points in common, it can be inferred that … the world can have such capabilities. At present, I can think that the five great powers are famous for their invasion capabilities … ghost captain! "
"ghost captain? !” The defense minister’s eyelids jumped.
"Yes, and in that case, you can be sure that the bomb will not explode and make a precise arrangement according to the situation, and there will be ghost captain!"
"Captain Pavilion, you seem to be exposed!" Code name sudden way
"Well … as expected, from my hand to solve the bomb can be said to have become the focus of all forces! Even if the aunt next door loses her chicken, they will think I did it!
However, does it make any difference to the result …? "NieYun nothing smile continue to busy …
Chapter two hundred and thirty-four Role
meeting room
The bottom people heard the very sensitive word ghost captain and talked about it one after another.
For ghost captain, their mood is mixed. On the one hand, there was an unpleasant incident between the two sides. Today, ghost captain still detains more than 100 of their crew members. Although their personal safety has been confirmed, it is a great shame for the world’s first power.
On the other hand, in this incident, it was because of ghost captain’s hand that the bomb was finally dismantled, saying that he saved the country and mankind.
Although it seems that he made it out, one yard for one yard is still owed.
Of course, all this is based on … They can’t beat others if they want to start work!
"So if it’s ghost captain, why would he do that?" The defense minister asked with a frown