"Are you the leader of the West Lake gang Yan?"

There is a man’s voice in the words, and there is a trace of anger in it.
"And you are?"
Yan Shaogu, of course, recognized the words, and the voice inside was angry, but he was also unusual, and he would not be angry for the time being when he didn’t find out the identity of the other party.
"I’m a city bureau Zhang Yanghao daughter empire bar had an accident tonight, you know, how do you explain this matter? Don’t you, Lord Yan, now that you are powerful, don’t take me seriously as the public security bureau chief? " In the words of a man in 2000, it seems that he is very angry.
This call to Yan Shaogu is a business trip to Zhang Yanghao. He is the director of the city bureau. It is a piece of cake to get Yan Shaogu’s words.
Yan Shaogu helped Wang in Hangzhou naturally know that Zhang Yanghao, the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, is the biggest gangster in Hangzhou, but he dare not offend the director of the Public Security Bureau. In case people compete with you to crack down on pornography and gangs every day, he will also be miserable.
"Depend! Tonight, the girl saved by Zhouyi was actually Zhang Yanghao’s daughter. This pox and yellow bird made trouble for me and killed you. "
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Yan Shaogu, when he heard what happened to Ma Bai, his heart was cold. If he really had a bitter enemy with Director Zhang, it would be absolutely no good for him.
"It turned out to be Director Zhang. This is a misunderstanding. It is really a misunderstanding. I will definitely teach my hands and compensate for the mental loss of your love." Yan Shaogu hurriedly made an apology.
"Hum, I hope this matter will stop here. That guy named Zhouyi is my daughter’s savior. I am a grateful reporter. He ordered me to save you. If I want to sue him, don’t blame me for helping the West Lake."
Zhang Yanghao said and hung up.
"It’s really irritating that this Zhang Yanghao threatens to be old because he has something in his hand."
After Zhang Yanghao hung up, Yan Shaogu scolded him. This time, he caught Zhouyi’s handle and wanted to sue Zhouyi’s Zhang Yanghao, but he was killed halfway, which made him very depressed. But tonight, it was really his own fault for Zhang Yanghao’s daughter.
Zhang Yanghao is the director of the public security bureau of Hangzhou, and he is a real figure. Since Zhang Yanghao said that he wanted to suppress this matter, Yan Shaogu had to do it. Otherwise, the West Lake Gang would be in big trouble. If Yan Shaogu retaliated by borrowing his daughter, he would send people to the West Lake Gang to eliminate pornography and gamble every day, so the West Lake Gang would have no way to maintain those industries. Yan Shaogu could not withstand such a blow.
"You are lucky in Zhouyi. If you didn’t save Zhang Yanghao’s daughter, I can send you to prison this time." Yan Shaogu is a rational man. He decided to give up this accusation against Zhouyi.
Yan Shaogu was naturally very angry and angry, so he took’ Yellow Bird’ and’ Brother Pox’ back to the West Lake to help deal with Yan Shaogu. It was quite harsh and fierce. Poor Yellow Bird and Brother Pox couldn’t pick up girls, and it was a dead end to take them back by Yan Shaogu.
The killing of ten people in Zhouyi bloody empire bar was suppressed before it was broadcast. Fortunately, when Zhouyi was sober, let Director Zhang Yanghao come forward, or Yan Shaogu caught the handle. It would be really troublesome in the bar. People dare not talk nonsense about this because they know that this matter is related to the West Lake gang, the biggest gang in Hangzhou. They want to live for a few more days.
Yan Shaogu angrily said that "Yellow Bird" and "Brother Pox" were brought back to the West Lake Gang headquarters, and Zhang Xuanxuan was in a quandary at home. Now she relied on Zhouyi and confessed to Zhouyi. If Zhouyi was arrested and sentenced for something tonight, she would feel guilty.
As the saying goes, Zhang Yanghao sat on the sofa with a nervous and worried face. Zhang Xuanxuan Zhouyi knew that this girl really liked herself, so he sat next to Zhang Xuanxuan and touched Zhang Xuanxuan’s hair and jokingly said, "Girl, don’t be so worried. You have to trust your father’s energy to ask him a word, and you will settle this matter. If your father is not fair, you can accompany me to jail."
"If you are really arrested, I will accompany you."
Zhang Xuanxuan nodded seriously.
"This girl was still misogyny, but now she is so infatuated with herself. Is this fate?" Zhou Yixin sighed slightly.
It didn’t take long for Zhang Yanghao to call directly to Zhouyi.
Zhang Yanghao’s words tell Zhouyi that he has intimidated Yan Shaogu. It is estimated that Yan Shaogu will not dare to behave in such a way again. Let Zhouyi rest assured.
After receiving Zhang Yanghao’s words, Zhouyi and Zhang Xuanxuan were relieved.
On the evening of the same day, Zhouyi lived in Zhang Xuanxuan’s house. Things were solved, and Zhouyi naturally wouldn’t do it again. Liu Hui naturally made out with Zhang Xuanxuan.
However, Zhang Xuanxuan may be tired or relaxed, and she fell asleep in Zhouyi’s arms.
Zhouyi held Zhang Xuanxuan to the bed with her sleeping face. Zhouyi naturally restrained herself from sleeping on the sofa. After all, Zhang Xuanxuan was so frightened tonight that she needed to have a good rest for men and women. There are many opportunities in the future. It is not necessary to say that Zhang Xuanxuan is really a little smaller. It needs to be cultivated slowly until the little girl matures. The taste will be more beautiful.
Zhang Xuanxuan slept in the bed and slept on the sofa all night. By the next morning, Zhang Xuanxuan woke up early. When he saw Zhouyi sleeping on the sofa, he felt that Zhouyi was different from the boys who liked to walk around her at school. He liked Zhouyi more and more.
Since Zhang Yanghao didn’t need class on Sunday and hasn’t come back yet, Zhang Xuanxuan spoiled Zhou Yi and asked him to stay with her for another day. Fortunately, Su Mengyao called and said that General Zhou Lao would stay in Hangzhou for a few more days before taking him to garrison headquarters, Hangzhou to solve the problem of injuring Major Liu Qin. So when Zhou Yi got a day of freedom, he would stay with Zhang Xuanxuan with peace of mind.