"In addition to the dark color, the film industry is still very good …"

Qin Mu Ye looked around at the shadow monster. This time, his shadow was spiritual. Although he said that he had not finished developing, he had changed from stone to egg, and he could never eat it.
Besides, the place he sent this time may be a little off-center, so he met a group of shadow monsters.
"Get out or I’ll send you to see the emperor." Qin Mu Ye glanced at it and didn’t look at it at all.
This group of shadow monsters is about 3 to 4 orders of strength. Although he is only 4 orders, he can kill this group of things. It’s not enough to have hands without moving his hands.
Obviously, Qin Mu Ye’s exhortation to this group of shadow monsters didn’t do much.
One by one, the shadows emerge like tigers in sheep. These shadows are no rivals at all, and they are torn to pieces on the spot.
It’s all crushed, and it takes hundreds of rounds. What kind of crushing is that
The theory of goblins is far superior to this group of goblins in terms of attributes and skills. Even killing these things by projection is no different from stepping on ants.
"First of all, we have to find relatives to send a dead shadow and then ask them about an ancient shadow monster and the emperor’s dead shadow."
"It shouldn’t be difficult."
There are far more hermits in the dead world than in the dead shadow world, so the actual relatives send more dead shadows than the murderers.
That is, at the beginning, Black Hawk and others were unlucky. If they met relatives and sent dead shadows, they might not only send him back, but also give him some chances.
But if that’s the case, Qin Mu Ye’s mass destruction of the engine won’t take effect.
Although the relatives sent the dead shadows to occupy the majority, it does not mean that the killers sent the dead shadows to be less. This kind of dead shadows wandered in the wilderness, just like when he met the group of dead shadows transformed by Yinshan Army, and he lived in isolation.
From the film management bureau, Qin Mu Ye also learned that this dead shadow can be more than just hunting, but also farming, grazing and so on
Because of its own limitations, the article is still in a similar feudal monarchy.
The most natural layer is the emperor’s dead shadow. Qin Mu Ye guessed that the other party may also be a fifth-order strength
It is also possible that the sixth order is unlikely. If there is a sixth order, just kill Tianpeng and let the dead shadow enter the human world through seals everywhere.
After all, this is also a world, not a small town. Even if there is no film world suitable for the dead, it is not impossible to erode the human world.
The rupture of the front seal and the erosion of the shadow world have already said the feasibility of this plan.
It was erosion, but it didn’t succeed. It was suppressed by the Shadow Administration long ago, and even the seal was reinforced again.
It’s probably because Qin Mu Ye didn’t. Otherwise, an ancient shadow monster will pop up again sometime.
This is not impossible.
"I don’t know if my temporary talent for destroying engines in the film industry will take effect on the film administration. If it can’t be, it’s a bit useless. It’s also my colleague." Qin Mu Ye felt that there should be no too many problems with this powerful rule.
This temporary skill is quite good. There is absolutely no problem in cheat people. The Gospel Grinch is not around him. Isn’t this also suffering?
"The land is vast and sparsely populated, and the real estate here will definitely not develop." Qin Mu Ye came to this conclusion after serious thinking.
There is a big gap between the number of dead shadows and the number of human beings. It is impossible to be the mainstream in any dynasty, but it may be a minority, and more importantly, the dead shadow is not immortal. Whether it is because of the shadow monster or because of him, it is possible to die.
This dead shadow is either another kind of special life, or it is not in the shadow. If the shadow is not dead, it can be recovered to become a dead shadow. If it is dead, it will be dead. There is no life limit.
Qin Mu Ye also got a lot of information from the film management bureau. For example, the dead shadow is not really safe, but also has various forces
The biggest force is the influence of the emperor’s death, and it seems that there are as many small forces as the crucian carp crossing the river. Although they are all relatives, it does not mean that the same goal still has to be fought for if it wants to become stronger.
At the beginning, many large-scale battles were fought, and the casualties were quite heavy
Because of the strong strength of the dead shadow, the Yinshan army of the shadow management bureau also robbed the fish in troubled waters, otherwise it would have been killed.
Generally speaking, the strength of middle and low-level dead shadows is far stronger than that of middle and low-level shadows.
After all, the dead shadow comes from the shadow after the shadow is dead, which is equivalent to the shadow’s hard work for a generation.
"There are not many shadows in ancient times, and the shadow management bureau was only 17 heads ago and was slaughtered by Yinshan Jun. Now there are 16 heads on paper."
"But the quantity is definitely not accurate, and it may be a little more than that."
The film industry is very big, and the film administration has not explored it. After all, when the filmmakers enter the film industry, they are like a lump of moving meat. Unless Tian Peng personally comes with the group of elders, the words will be lost halfway.
But the problem is that these people are in high positions, even if they have the strength, they can’t come over, so many people who enter the film industry every year die.
"The film industry is really a good place. The resources needed for film cultivation are all from the film industry, but it is too much trouble to collect them."
The human world does not produce and cultivate shadow resources, because the human world is a pure magic environment, unless the seal of the shadow world is broken and eroded, even the residual shadow energy will soon be annihilated
It seems that it is because the environment is not affected
He is also very interested in this. After the film awakens, he plans to study the environmental factors of the human world. If something can be studied, it will greatly enhance his two talents of scarlet ancestor and Hell Lord, and also enable him to produce powerful effects from the magic constructed by many factors.
Such as extraordinary cut off energy annihilation and other powerful means.
For example, the living environment has changed dramatically, such as the extreme environment of the end of France and so on
And with this magic means Qin Mu Ye also don’t worry that one day he was so targeted.
"Alas, I didn’t expect to do the experiment, but it would be more beneficial to change the world."
Qin Mu Ye’s eyes were covered with a layer of scarlet light, and then he looked around. This group of shadow monsters is also a little bit weak-minded, bullying the weak and fearing the hard.
There was no trouble along the way, but the eye shadow monster came to him, or maybe he killed the nearby shadow monster almost.
Along the way, I soon found a place similar to a camp.
Many dead shadow patrols seem to have formed a force.
I don’t know if it’s a family faction or a killer faction, but judging from this building, it’s much better than when he met the group of killers in the ruins.
Judging from some surrounding agricultural products, Shao has already left the road where hunting is needed to grow stronger.
"It is no wonder that there are no shadow monsters nearby, which seems to be surrounded by this group of dead shadows." Qin Mu Ye is one of the white things. He killed a group of shadow monsters all the way, so there is no follow-up.
"Are you from …?" There is a hint of doubt in the tone of a patrol dead shadow. It seems that I have never seen a shadow.
"Well, hello, I’m human," Qin Mu Ye replied politely.
The other party didn’t do it first, but questioned it. The high probability is that the relatives have never met anyone, but they are naturally fond of it, so this is the case.
"This ….. I remember the figure seems to be pregnant with our compatriots. There is something wrong with your shadow." The dead shadow has some doubts that life is here after all, and it is not like Qin Mu Ye’s awakening.