The hammer frowned slightly. "Go, it will be good night."

After Bai Fei left, Ding Hammer’s heart was like being held by a big hand, which almost made him breathless. Just like Bai Fei said, Ding Hammer is now a heinous villain. Although Bai Fei didn’t say it, her tone and expression have identified Ding Hammer as a heinous demon, but actually …
"Yes," Ding hammer patted his forehead. "Where the fuck did I sell people?"
But since Bai Fei says he sells people, then sell people. What’s done is done. There’s nothing wrong with villains being villains, is there? Less … Fixed hammer can finally breathe a sigh of relief.
"You’re in a bad mood."
I don’t even look back when I hear this tone. He whispered, "You little girl don’t know shit."
The butterfly slowly came out of the darkness. "I almost did it just now."
"You have always protected me?" Fixed hammer stretched out his hand and pinched the butterfly face "you little girl"
"We are partners, and I have a duty to protect your safety just as you have a duty to protect my safety." Butterfly always speaks coldly and without tone, but it sounds much more relaxed than Bai Fei’s seemingly weak words. "I have been following you since you walked out of the restaurant."
"Thank you," Dinghammer stretched himself. "Let me take you to a fun place! You have never been there! "
"Do you want to help me to ease my mood?"
"Hey, hey, don’t say so ugly. What do you mean, benefit you?" The hammer is flat and pouty. "Let’s go and don’t regret it."
Butterfly gently nodded. "I have no idea about sex and emotion. Don’t try to have lust and sexual desire for me."
"Mama ah you also don’t look at your flat chest you stop that now? Is it necessary to emphasize it again and again? " Ding hammer a cold sweat "at least you should grow up and say this to your uncle, making me look like a pervert."
Chapter 91 Selling
Although the existing simple conditions of mastering the technology in ham sausage can not be fully exerted, some relatively basic things are still very possible
For example, the gas compression technology of ham sausage is simple, but there is no actual research and development progress in several major arsenals, mainly the impurity filtration technology. However, the ham sausage is perfectly solved by adding several hidden small devices, and the pressure is increased by 50% compared with the existing equipment of the same specification. Fifteen orders were obtained in three hours.
Don’t underestimate these 15 sets of large-scale pressing equipment, one of which can be tens of millions, at most hundreds of millions, and he has got a lot of broken orders, and after running around all the places that have the ability to buy these equipment, ham has already held hundreds of millions of orders in his hand.
"It’s not enough," the ham sausage hand gesticulated. "The gap over there is too big, so it’s not enough."
"What should I do? It’s almost enough to sell. "Mo Hui sat on a street bench with his head down and fingered his fingers." This hole is too big. We can’t last long if we sit and eat mountains. "
Sausage a grind looked up at MoHui way "no, we still have! Come with me first and then we’ll go to the army. "
"Army? What are you doing in the military department? "
"The Equipment Department needs basic weapons." Sausage sighed. "Although I promised my father that I wouldn’t design weapons, he didn’t say I couldn’t sell his designs."
Then the ham sausage took Mo Hui to a huge warehouse outside, which was a waste warehouse with a mountain of scrap iron and steel.
"You want to steal waste? It’s worthless here. "
"No," my eyes narrowed, and I ran all the way to the depths with my bag and Mo Hui until I came to a small room that was about to collapse before I stopped "here"
"Here? What can there be here? "
The ham sausage ignored Mo Hui’s deep paw pointing to a very abrupt protrusion in the corner "to pull that"
Mo Hui walked with his front foot and pulled twice, and then he found that there was an ambiguous console in this place, and that bump was the console start tab.
He looked back at the ham sausage and then bent down to pull it. No matter how hard he tried, the tab was as motionless as it was embedded in death.
"Really?" Sausage looked at Mo Hui with disdain and sneered, "Let the little girl do the bag."
Bao obediently squeezed hard before he left, making his face twisted. Mo Hui pulled the ring easily with one hand, and then he saw a rumble coming from the ground. Then a lever about half a person high appeared in the center of the hut, and there was a password table at the top of the lever, with forty or fifty buttons.
"What is this?"
"I don’t know about the password box?" Sausage continues to despise Mo Hui for "supporting me in the past"
Then the ham sausage password box was pressed bit by bit, and there were about twenty digits. When the OK key was pressed, the ground suddenly sank, and then the covers were raised on both sides, and then the floor fell straight like a free fall.
And after they fell, the ground actually closed again and restored the original sample, but no one saw this detail. It was a matter of amityville horror
The great sense of weightlessness made Mo Hui almost shit himself, but after falling for three minutes, the speed of the platform gradually slowed down and a series of metal sounds came, and the surrounding covers suddenly became clear, and they also came to a huge place.
I wandered around the ham sausage, then jumped to a stage and took a few shots, and then I saw that the lights were neatly played here, and then the ventilation facilities suddenly roared, and the hot and humid environment became cool and refreshing
"Welcome to Lampard DreamWorks"
After the introduction of ham sausage, Mo Hui was surprised and speechless. The entrance was as right as seeing 400 people eating shit.
This surface is several times larger than the warehouse, and the pure white is full of shelves. Each shelf is filled with all kinds of weapons, both hot and cold weapons, and they are all complete families.
Take a gun for example, a rack is full of long, short, sniper, charge and plug-in tactics, which can make the accessories dense and dizzying.