A touch of sword wind

Demon fighters suddenly disappeared a large area.
Wipe the sword wind again
A phalanx of war is gone.
This is a complete tragedy for the demon army.
Ghosts and demons had to turn around quickly in the brotherhood of the wolf.
-they turned around again and took out their nursing strength and fled in panic.
But how can they escape from the sword and wind?
Kill with one wipe
Kill the light
God of war interface soul force value is jumping growth.
Gu Qingshan see dark cool unceasingly.
"Not good Gu Qingshan, look!"
Lola eagerly patting Gu Qingshan way
Gu Qingshan looked up.
The end of the plain ahead is over
Before you know it, a dozen riding teams will soon arrive in Tide City through the demon army.
But the situation in Tide City is very bad
After a long and fierce battle, one wall of Tide City collapsed.
Demons and ghosts suddenly gave a loud roar.
They rushed into the tidal city!
Lola panicked and said, "Gu Qingshan Ilia was seriously injured and they may not be able to withstand it."
"I saw us speed up."
Gu Qingshan urged the horse to say
There is no wall, and the demon army is marching into Ilya. I’m afraid I can’t resist it.
The situation became serious.
If this can be quickly cleared …
Gu Qingshan silently looked at the city and his thoughts gradually became clear.
For a moment, he directly launched a "levy" on all siege demons.