Xu Ren attacks one after another very fast, and the spirit is also constantly punching to prevent Xu Ren from attacking its chest and abdomen.

Xu Ren has a new understanding of Ling Jing’s performance, but he can storm now. Of course, he doesn’t mind playing some cleverness when he storms.
Xu Ren was also very worried because he could feel that when he stormed Lingjing, Lingjing had already attacked him. If he didn’t do anything else, his superiority in suppressing Lingjing would be lost.
In order to solve this spirit as soon as possible, Xu Ren can move the spirit worm.
Xu Ren means, of course, is very hidden spirit after melee instantly released two small bite spirit worm, the two bite spirit worm has a that is to support the spirit after control law super LingShi failure.
For Xu Ren, this kind of super lingshi is really precious, but the way to obtain it is not particularly difficult to find. He decided to choose the super lingshi hand instead of the spirit array that controls the spirit after action.
Psychedelic worms like to devour all kinds of reiki super lingshi, and it’s not long before they make up for it. This puppet super lingshi was devoured by psychic worms.
The super lingshi is really a baby, and the spirit-eating worms have finally shown signs of sleeping at the moment.
Xu Ren had to take back the two spirit-eating worms in that weird box. Without the super Lingshi to support the spirit, he completely lost his mobility. Although he still kept his fist posture, he was still motionless.
However, Xu Ren did not enjoy the joy of victory. When he came, he put the lost spirit into the mustard bracelet and had to face the other two spirit attacks again, and this time it was two spirit attacks.
In the face of two spirit after attack Xu Renke dare not have the slightest carelessness, he will fall leaves posture course to the limit just missed the two spirit after attack.
Barely escaped the two spirits. After the attack, Xu Ren quickly pulled the distance to ensure that he had enough time to Xu Li to launch a new round of attacks.
Two spirits didn’t stop after the robot, but continued to chase after Xu Ren.
The two spirits are extremely fast, and Xu Ren can also rely on the fallen leaves.
After about a cup of tea, the two spirits parted again.
Xu Ren knew that his opportunity had come, so he quickly rushed toward a spirit in his body with his feet in force.
Bang bang bang—
Xu Ren drew his sword quickly because he knew that another puppet would definitely attack him quickly, so he had to hurry.
Struggling to attack at the same time, Xu Ren once again released two spirit-eating worms. This time, he was already familiar with them. The two spirit-eating worms quickly stopped the attack.
However, although this spirit has stopped attacking, the other spirit has evaded the attack on Xu Ren.
Nai Xu Ren can bring the motionless spirit after as a shield.
Two spirits collided instantly. Xu Ren’s body was knocked out of several zhangs far away to attack his spirit. After that, he flew back several zhangs to stabilize himself.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-three Sweeping
Xu Ren successfully solved a spirit after, but it also missed the best opportunity to hide from another spirit after the attack. The feeling be nasty, he can drag the spirit after that has been motionless around him as a shield.
Well, this spirit is not particularly heavy, but it is strong enough, even if it is hard to resist another spirit after attack, there is not much damage.
Xu Ren steadied himself and put the spirit after into the mustard bracelet for the first time. At the same time, he also released more spirit-eating worms and rushed toward different spirit after.
The essence of the spirit after appearing in the hall is very high, and the refining technique is also very unique. The joints are very closely connected. Even if the spirit-eating insects want to get into the spirit after without destroying the situation, it is not an easy task. When the spirit after people are in fierce confrontation, there will be some gaps for a short time because the joints are impacted by force. That is the best time for the spirit-eating insects to make moves. This is also the main reason why Xu Ren always launches the most violent attack on the spirit after before releasing the spirit-eating insects.
However, it is impossible to give him so many opportunities to release the spirit-eating worm first, so that the spirit-eating worm can lurk first and wait for the moment when the body moves when the spirit-eating activity takes place.
Although this recruit tastes a bit like waiting for him, it can face the eye situation, but it is the fastest defense method that Xu Ren can think of to conquer Linghou.
Xu Ren method is somewhat lucky. The final effect depends on the real strength of these puppet fighters. But now Xu Ren has harvested two spirits to support him to study well. Of course, it would be better if he could get more spirits.
Xu Ren was shocked by it before he released the spirit-eating worm, and then he rushed again.
Dealing with the spirit after Xu Ren has already had the experience to deal with this third spirit after he didn’t spend too much time.
Solved his three opponents, Xu Ren turned his attention to his spiritual body again.
Su Qingshan’s physical strength is tough, even if one enemy is short, there will still be no danger.
The situation in Chen Xuanfeng is worse. It is already very difficult to face two spirits, but Chen Xuanfeng can persist in dealing with two spirits, although it is difficult. However, the situation in Qin Tian and Lin Yan is much more urgent
Compared with Chen Xuanfeng, the strength of Lin Yan, Qin Tian is still worse. She is chased by the spirit and rushing around. She has life worries at any time.
Xu Ren decided to play against Qin Tian and Lin Yan first, so as to protect two people’s lives to the maximum extent.
Xu Ren moved quickly in the blink of an eye and had already reached Lin Yan to meet the spirit after the front and launched a fierce attack on the spirit after the first time.
The puppet came after Lin Yan, but was stopped by Xu Ren, which could change the target of attack into Xu Ren’s tit-for-tat confrontation.
Xu Ren attacked much more than Lin Yanmeng, so it didn’t take long for the spirit eater to find an opportunity.
Xu Ren can clearly feel that the spirit-eating worm has drilled into the position where the spirit-eating worm has a super spirit stone in its abdomen, which makes him very excited and attacks the spirit-eating worm harder.
After about a lamp of tea, Ling stopped moving and was directly put into the mustard bracelet by Xu Ren.
After harvesting another spirit, Xu Ren was still very satisfied in his heart, but his eyes were not yet happy when others were still facing the threat of spirit.
One of Xu Ren’s goals is to fight Lingwu with Qin Tian.
Qin Tian’s strength is slightly stronger than Lin Yan’s, but the pressure is also very great when facing the spirit alone. Xu Ren has helped Lin Yan solve the threat of spirit after. Of course, you can’t play favorites and you have to help Qin Tianyi.
Just when the spirit was about to chase Lin Yan, Xu Ren’s body blinked and rushed to the spirit after the crowd and then it was also a violent attack like a flood
Spirit after fighting capacity is good, but they didn’t think, and they won’t be afraid because of Xu Renqian’s surrender. This spirit after meeting Xu Ren’s attack can also resist successfully.
This time, Xu Renhua grew a little longer. Because the position of the spirit-eating worm was not very good, he adjusted it several times before he successfully got into the spirit body.
The next scene happened just before Xu Ren sent his spirit down, which made no difference. After an attack, the spirit kept it still.
To the mouth meat Xu Ren nature can’t let go also conveniently put this spirit after in mustard bracelet.
The liberation of Qin Tian and Lin Yan is equivalent to two more powers, and then three people jumped towards ZhengChen Xuanfeng to pester two spirits.
Chen Xuanfeng’s current situation is not good, or even very dangerous, because he is close to the limit. If no one has come to help him share some spiritual attacks, then he will definitely get hurt and worry about his life.
Xu Renchong to also don’t talk to spirit after polite swept over is a storm.
It’s a pity that the spirit reacted quickly, but it didn’t help, because it was not Xu Ren’s place to defeat it, even if it blocked Xu Ren’s attack.
Being stared at this spirit by Xu Ren naturally became his bag as well as the former spirit.
And this time, with Qin Tian and Lin Yan to help him, the plan was implemented more smoothly. He just put a puppet in a mustard bracelet, and another spirit did not move, because it was also swallowed by the spirit worm. Without the super spirit stone control array, it would fail, and the spirit would naturally not move.
Then things are even simpler. The efficiency of dealing with the spirit after together is much faster than before, but not for a long time. All the spirit after did not move, and the department became Xu Ren’s bag.
Although the strength of Linghou is good, no one is arguing with Xu Ren about this thing. Not everyone can control it. At least you have to be proficient in Linghou to hope to study Linghou places. Some people except Xu Ren don’t have a monk who is good at array law. Don’t say that they don’t have the whole Tianfeng here, but a monk who is good at Lingzhou and Xu Ren are equally good at refining devices. These puppets are the best destination in Xu Ren.
"Little teacher younger brother, this time you can make a fortune with so much strength. Even after the spirit of the earth has passed, the brothers of Xuanji Longbang have gone sideways." Qin Tian and Lin Yan walked over.
Of course, the two of them also envy Xu Ren, but they are more happy for Xu Ren. Xu Ren is Tianfeng’s younger brother, Tianfeng is stronger, and they are more confident. If Xu Ren can make the list like the big brother, then they will be happier.
"This thing is definitely a good thing, but I’m afraid it needs to be studied well." Xu Ren was happy, but not as optimistic as Qin Tian and Lin Yan.
It is not an easy task to control the spirit after. He has not even figured out the structure of these ten spirit after, and it will take at least a while to master this puppet driving method.
"I won’t do this thing anyway, and it’s only up to you. You have to work hard not to wave these precious puppets." Qin Tian is very relaxed at the moment, as if he had forgotten about the mess just now
However, Qin Tian’s words speak for all people. Since good things are of course good, it is also a pressure on this little teacher younger brother.
It solved the four searches of the puppet people in the hall, but these people searched for a long time, but the harvest was not real, which was also expected by everyone. Of course, this place in the hall is not a treasure place, and it is good to have some harvest.
Xu Ren is even less interested in searching for ordinary babies. His attention is focused on the ground.
It’s absolutely unusual that the ground has been hit by such a big battle, but there is not even a trace. What looks like bluestone on the ground must be something unknown, baby.
After some research, Xu Ren moved directly along the gap between the bluestones on the ground to pry them out.
Qin Tian and Lin Yan were dumbfounded. It was the first time for them to see such a treasure hunt as Xu Ren’s. It’s not like a treasure hunt. It’s a move. Isn’t that to say, nothing is left in the middle?
Not only did Qin Tian and Lin Yan look at Xu Ren with strange eyes, but Su Qingshan and Chen Xuanfeng also looked puzzled.
"A few senior, can you stop watching and can’t help? The ground of this palace was smashed by those puppets without a trace. It must be a baby. Don’t you want it? If you don’t help me, I won’t give it to you when I get out. "Xu Rengen doesn’t look at other people’s strange eyes. He is as busy as a bee now.