The men looked at each other.

One person nodded and said, "In that case, you can go with us."
A group of people flew towards a huge square in the distance.
During the flight, Xiao Yu knew that these people were all from the border ancient clan. Some Tianjiao families guarded the border for many years and risked their lives several times. The border elders chartered them to enter Wudao Mountain for three days every year.
This is the fifty-third time that they have entered Wudao Mountain.
There are a total of four people from four different families, one is Shile, the other is Qin Xiao, the other is Zhang Regret, and the last one is Ye Qin. They are also gifted and have reached the peak of the semi-emperor, but they have not broken through and have been suppressed by themselves.
Xiao Yu can see their reality at a glance.
A few of them roared by and soon fell into a huge square. On this day, Ding Square, as the name suggests, was densely packed with many ancient Ding of different sizes.
These ancient ding’s color is simple and full of patterns, and I don’t know how long they have been here, but they all seem to be connected together.
The front of these big ding is a big ding with a unique shape and looks very different!
There is a mysterious universe on the surface of each big tripod … The font is vigorous and powerful. I don’t know when to leave it.
There is also a huge stone tablet in front of this big tripod, which is densely engraved with names, and there are corresponding words behind each name.
First place, the demon king, the apocalypse, the word Ding, the enemy of the world
The second Terran Tianjiao Peak holds the Xuan Ding for ten breath.
The third place, Leng Jiaoju Xuanzi Ding, continued to take three breath.
A few people’s eyes immediately noticed this stone inscription, and the Xerox four people couldn’t help but feel a sense.
"I’m afraid that whoever comes after the apocalypse of the demon king will feel great pressure. This time, I don’t expect much. If I can lift the tripod, I will be satisfied and definitely get a lot of rewards."
Shi Lekou said
"Yes, my goal is to waste the word tripod. Even if I move it, I can say that my physical strength has made great progress." Qin Xiao said.
Xiao Yu eyes flashing swept the stone tablet and suddenly look at the square that dense ancient tripod.
Up to now, he has understood that there are many ancient ding in this square, but if the front mouth can move at most, there will be rewards.
"I don’t know which level I can move?"
Xiao Yu heart flashing some itching.
He followed Qin Xiao several people to go there to prepare for the tripod, but at this moment a terrible smell swept directly behind him and saw the people crossing and falling directly in front of them.
"Let me try it first!"
The man fall to the ground back shawl sends out heavy said to all.
He didn’t look at Xiao Yu. Several people flew over their heads and walked directly to the ancient tripod with red font size. His eyes were sharp and his arms stretched out directly to the ancient tripod and he hugged it.
"Get up for me!"
This man suddenly growled with one arm, and the blood gas shook like a volcano. The mouth of the ancient tripod was shaken by him, shaking slightly and moving slowly.
His veins stood out suddenly and violently, his face flushed, his eyes raised high and bloodshot, and all his strength gathered, and finally he slowly lifted this heavy ancient tripod off the ground.
But he didn’t support it. How long did it take for him to have five breath or so? Then he couldn’t support his face flushing, twisted his arms, and directly took off a boom. This ancient tripod violently smashed the ground and the earth shook violently …
He was panting heavily.
But at this moment, a hazy light in high school slowly came, and there was a piece of jade Jane carved with mysterious Taoist patterns.
"Hong font size Guding reward! “
Xerox several people are eyes flashing hot.
Xiao Yu noticed that after the award came, the huge stone tablet was dimly and slowly distorted, and then a new name appeared …
Chapter one thousand six hundred and twenty-seven Xiao Yu Ju Ding
The friar’s burly shawl exudes strong blood gas, and after lifting the mouth of the ancient tripod, he maintained a five-breath or so, and he was so tired that he was panting and his face turned pale with blood gas disorder.
He looked up at the purple jade Jane’s pale cheeks coming slowly in the middle of the road and squeezed out a smile. "It’s very good to maintain five interest rates in the ancient tripod. It’s much better than coming in again. Let me see what the reward is this time?"
He grabbed the purple jade Jane in the palm of his hand and was immediately grabbed by him.
God read a sweep of the friar’s face and smile became more intense. "The seal of Brahma is actually the seal of ancient big screamo temple, and it’s very good. This door can exert the physical force perfectly and spare no effort. The moonlight is the 36 kinds of attacks on the big screamo temple. I am so lucky that I lifted the ancient tripod with the red font size and got this kind of bearing. Hahahaha …"
He laughed, his shawl was more exuberant than puffed up, and he ignored Xiao Yu and others behind him. It seemed that he was not worried that he would be robbed of this Zhang Yujian by pillaging.
Xerox, Qin smile a few people were surprised and then eyes than excited.
It’s actually the seal of Brahma!
This man really got such a profound commitment!
The friar burst into laughter, took the jade Jane’s eyes in his hand, and glanced coldly at Xiao Yu and others. "A group of waste is always going to go to one place and get out!"
His breath on the rampage left a ghosting image, and the wind roared directly towards Xiao Yu several people.
Xiao Yu’s side Qin Xiao, Xerox, etc. all turned into big bodies, and went back and felt a more oppressive breath than terrible.
Only Xiao Yu’s five-meter-high, big, chubby body doesn’t seem to want to go backwards. I didn’t respond at all when I saw the man collide.
"get out!"
The man’s eyes were bombarded directly with a cold palm.
Xiao Yu leaned out a big hand and instantly collided with the man, giving a dull explosive sound directly. The man hummed a whole arm like it was crushed by several mountains, and a cliff exploded with blood on the spot.
The man’s body also directly flew out and slammed a bite of the ancient tripod, giving it a shiver.